Mood flower

When Socrates was a bachelor, he used to live in a room of only seven or eight square meters with several friends. He was always happy all day long.

Someone asked him, “so many people crowded together, it was difficult to turn around. What kind of Cola do you have?”

Socrates said, “when friends are together, they can exchange ideas and feelings at any time. Isn’t this a very happy thing?”

After a period of time, my friends became families one by one and moved out one after another. Socrates was the only one left in the room, and he was still very happy every day.

The man asked again, “you are alone, why are you happy?”

Socrates said, “I have a lot of books. A book is a teacher. With so many teachers, I can consult them all the time. How can it not make me happy!”

A few years later, Socrates also became a home and moved into a building. This building has seven floors, and his home is on the bottom floor. The bottom floor is the worst in this building, which is not quiet, unsafe and unsanitary. The top always splashes sewage below, throwing mice, broken shoes, smelly socks and messy dirty things. Seeing him, the man still looked jubilant and asked curiously, “Are you happy to live in such a room?”

“Yes! “Socrates said,” you don’t know how wonderful it is to live on the first floor! For example, entering the door is home, and there is no need to climb high stairs; It is convenient to move things, and there is no need to spend a lot of effort; It is easy for friends to visit, and there is no need to ask questions one by one…… What makes me particularly satisfied is that I can raise a cluster of flowers and plant a row of vegetables in the open space. I can’t say anything about the fun!

After a year, Socrates gave the room on the first floor to a friend who had a hemiplegia old man in his family, which was very inconvenient to go upstairs and downstairs. He moved to the highest floor of the building-the seventh floor. Every day, he was still happy.

The man asked ridiculously, “Sir, living on the seventh floor also has many advantages!”

Socrates said, “Yes, there are many advantages! Let’s just give a few examples: going up and down several times a day is a good opportunity to exercise, which is good for health; Good light, reading and writing do not hurt the eyes; No one is disturbed by the head, very quiet day and night.”

Later, the man met Plato, a student of Socrates. He asked, “your teacher is always so happy, but I feel that the environment he lives in is not so good every time?”

Plato said, “What determines a person’s mood is not the environment, but the mood.”

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