Hard to guess a woman’s heart

The woman slept till midnight, sat up, looked at her husband with disgust, then went to sleep with the pillow in her arms.

I didn’t know that a man didn’t sleep at this time. He found that there was no space around him, so he knew that his wife went to sleep at the other end. Usually, both husband and wife slept at one end, now my wife went to sleep at the other end. What’s the matter? The man sat up hurriedly and asked the woman.

“I will go home tomorrow! I don’t want to talk to you.” The woman didn’t say much, so she turned around and went to sleep.

When the man heard that the woman was going home, he couldn’t sleep when lying there. He burnt a cigarette and smoked there. What did he do to make his wife unhappy during the day? The man took the things during the day, I thought of it from morning to night and carefully selected it, but I didn’t find anything that made my wife unhappy.

The next morning, after the woman woke up, she smiled sweetly at the man, not mentioning the matter of going home. What happened on Earth? Last night, she was still angry and determined to go home. Now why did she change such an expression? It is really hard for a woman to figure out!

“Husband, guess what dream I just had?”

“What dream?”

“Ha ha, I dreamed that we were having classes in two classrooms respectively. It was raining outside! The two of us ran to a deserted place, sheltering from the rain under the same roof. When sheltering from the rain, you covered me with an umbrella, while most of your body was exposed outside, the clothes are completely wet.” The woman smiled affectionately after saying that.

At this time, men realized that women forgive themselves because they had such a dream. “Then why did you go to the other end to sleep when you slept well last night?” Man asked.

Woman towards men gave a Eyes, said angrily: “You’re one to ask, do you remember, 2 years ago, I with you on my house, I have a girlfriend to see me, I counted the things you stared at others for me. You stared at others for about 4 seconds, and finally you smiled at her. You told me if you had a crush on her? Every time I think of these things, I hate you.”

After hearing this, the man couldn’t react for a long time. Finally, he asked, “I have already forgotten what happened two years ago! What does your girlfriend look like?”
(Text/Zhao Wen)

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