If can live again

At first, I wanted to go to college, but I wanted to die.

Later, I was eager to graduate from university as soon as possible.

Then, I want to get married, have children, and want to die.

Again, I hope that the child will grow up quickly so that I can go back to work.

After that, I thought about retirement every day, thinking too much. Now, I am really going to die.

Suddenly, I suddenly understood — I forgot to live a real life.

If I can live again, I will try to make more mistakes. I will no longer pursue perfection. I will be relaxed and stupid.

In fact, many things don’t have to be too serious. I should be crazy.

I will seize more opportunities, travel to more places, climb more mountains, go to more rivers and go to more places I have never been.

I also want to eat more ice cream.

I am willing to face more practical problems instead of just imagining in my mind.

You see, I am those who are healthy, mentally sound, and live steadily day after day.

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