Women sitting beside the court

Women sitting beside the court

坐在球场边上的女人I grew up in a factory area. My father died early, and my whole family lived on the meager income of my mother who was born blind. In that situation, my usual entertainment is to play basketball with my friends in a nearby basketball court. There were two stone benches beside the basketball court. In the warm afternoon or evening, my mother sat there, doing the work in her hand while “listening” to my playing.

I am those people with average qualifications and abilities, several of my partners who played ball with me later became the main force of the middle school team, and I spent a lot of efforts, I could only be a substitute for the high school grade team; After graduating from middle school, they were all admitted to college, and I only entered junior college with mediocre grades. After graduating from junior college, I went to the factory as a technician, working from nine to five plus a regular weekend break. I felt that it was already a very good job, so I did it very seriously and steadfastly.

At the age of falling in love, others introduced several of them one after another, but they failed. The last one was a teacher from a nearby primary school. At that time, I didn’t know what love should be like at all. I just thought that she looked like Zhou Zheng and gentle, which was already very good. Besides, she has parents who hold public office, so I feel more and more self-abased that it is high-ranking to fall in love with her.

The first time I met her, the interview was very polite. On my way home, I talked about my mother’s hardship casually. After hearing this, she said, “Next time, you must take me to see my aunt. She is so difficult and amazing.” One of the reasons why my former partners didn’t want to continue with me was because of my mother, so I had mixed feelings about her kindness.

The second time I really took her to see my mother. It seemed that they were destined to each other, so they even left me aside for a whole afternoon. It was a weekend in May. I bought vegetables and washed them well. In order to kill time, I went to the basketball court to play basketball alone. After a long time, I saw her coming with her mother, sitting side by side on the stone bench and staring at me. I didn’t know what posture I should take in front of her, so I had to shoot one by one foolishly. Later she came over and wiped my sweat with her handkerchief, saying, “Aunt says you play basketball very well.” I thought it was my mother who spoke a good word in front of my partner, so I corrected it honestly: “What good? Mom is nonsense!” But she said, “aunt said she never expected you to be an excellent player. However, every time she heard you running and jumping on the court, she knew that her son didn’t lose the positive energy.” She spoke with a little bit shy of a girl’s instinct, but her bright eyes gave me another meaning, which was “that strength” that she also liked very much “.

I will marry her as I wish. Although the life is poor, the family is harmonious. I still played basketball on the basketball court in my spare time. The woman sitting beside the court changed from one to two. They were no different from the ordinary women at home. They were doing their work, chattering and watching me playing basketball cheerfully. My wife is not a passionate person, but she also drinks some lottery for my shooting occasionally. Her applause seemed very thin in the open court, but my mother could hear it, so could I.

By the time my daughter was 5 years old, this kind of ordinary happiness suddenly had twists and turns; My wife had to stay at home because of serious stomach disease, and I became the last batch of laid-off workers before the factory closed down. This year, I was 34 years old. I was a normal man who just passed the year of establishment. I had no job, no income, and I didn’t have much outstanding capital and talent.

For a long time, I didn’t dare to tell the truth to my family. I went to work in a happy manner every morning, hanging out in various recruitment sites like headless flies all day, experiencing being rejected one after another. Later, I began to learn to drink and play cards, because it could easily kill difficult days. Of course, I did all that secretly. Every time I went home, I must try my best to clean the wine in my mouth.

One day I drank too much wine and slept in my friend’s house until dark. It was raining outside all the time. When I walked to the nearby street, I saw my wife standing under the street lamp with an umbrella. She didn’t blame a little, silently passed the umbrella in her hand to me.

I cried, and I said to my wife, “You married a useless man, and even the minimum happiness cannot be guaranteed.” My wife certainly understood what I meant. She thought for a while and said, “this Saturday afternoon, I will accompany my mother and children to watch you play basketball.” I was a little surprised and said, “when is it? You still have the mind to watch playing basketball.” My wife stretched out her hand to touch my forehead hair, and said gently, “I want to see if you still have the positive strength.” The look of expectation in my wife’s eyes shocked my heart, and I woke up completely.

From the next day, I went to find a job again. I couldn’t get a stable job at the recruitment site, so I went to work as a temporary worker, taking care of hospitalized patients at night and being a security guard at the construction site, there is also a family hourly worker or something. After half a year of piecemeal work, I was recommended by an employer to work as a transporter in a supermarket, delivering the goods of the supplier to the supermarket every day.

When the probation period was about to expire, a manager in charge of personnel came to me and reminded me, “it’s good for you to work hard, but don’t refuse the weekend overtime arranged by the boss easily, besides, there is overtime pay for overtime work!” And I a group 10 probationary employees, finally can only set 8, and I in the probation, has 3 times rejected manager arrangements weekend overtime.

It was Friday again in a flash, and the manager called several of our transporters to the office. As the National Day was approaching, supermarkets were preparing for more abundant sources of goods, so he proposed to work overtime. Presence of 9 individuals raises his hands willing to, only I stammered: “I’m afraid I can’t, home Occupy.” The manager is a man who is about the same age as me. He asked disappointedly, “Is it a very urgent matter?”

I hesitated for a moment and said, “Tomorrow afternoon, my family members will watch me play basketball.” The manager stared round immediately, thought for a while, and said disdainfully, “in this case, I will practice with you tomorrow afternoon.”

The next day, the manager drove to the court as expected, and his football skills were really good. I was compared with him in several rounds. Then, he squinted and teased, “You are the only one who refuses to work overtime?” I wiped the sweat, smiled and motioned behind me, “Have you seen those people sitting by the court? Those were my mother, wife and daughter. They didn’t come to see my football skills or my winning or losing. They wanted to see the positive spirit of a man running on the court.” My mother, wife and daughter sat beside the court behind me, watching the competition with great interest and cheering for me together-so fast, at the beginning, a woman suddenly became three. They made me understand the responsibility of a man and that there are more important things in life than overtime pay.

The ball continued to move around in the hands of me and the manager. During the competition, I slowly told him about the woman sitting beside the court and many ordinary and difficult days. After hearing this, the manager slowed down and gasped slightly, his eyes were a little wet. After being silent for a while, he patted me on the shoulder and said, “Dude, don’t go to the supermarket after the probation period. I have a friend from the newspaper office who can give you a job of delivering newspapers. Not only the bonus is high, but also you will have more free time-let them come to see you play basketball.”

This manager who has already started to gain weight can definitely be regarded as a success in his career. He has a car, a house and money, and the woman around him changes like a lantern, but none of them would sit quietly and comfortably beside the court of his life.

Perhaps, this is what people often say about happiness.

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