Happiness blind

Happiness blind

幸福盲Several years ago, I read a report that a newspaper in a Western city asked the Society for the answer to the question “Who is the happiest person in the world. The contributions were very enthusiastic, and people from all walks of life responded one after another. The newspaper office organized an authoritative jury to select and vote among different answers, and finally got three answers. Because it is difficult for everyone to agree, there is still an alternative answer.

According to the number of voters and the votes of authorities, the list of “Who is the happiest person in the world” was released. Remember that the general order is as follows:

I. The doctor who finished a successful operation for the patient and saw the patient out of hospital.

Second, give the child a mother who just took a bath and hugged the baby with a smile.

Third, the urchin who built a sand castle on the beach looked at the fruits of his labor.

The alternative answer is: the writer who finished the last word of the novel.

When the news came into my eyes, my first reaction seemed to be smeared with chili oil on my eyelids, choking and painful. Then I doubt its authenticity very much. Is it possible? Isn’t it a joke made up to make people laugh when they have nothing to do? There was also a bit of confusion and anger. In the deepest part of my heart, I was shocked and at a loss.

Maybe someone said that I didn’t see anything wrong with this news? Besides, this is the understanding of happiness of most people, not ulterior motives or grandstanding! Yes, yes, I understand it, but I still feel anxious. When I calmed down and combed my thoughts carefully, I realized that my reaction at that time was a kind of sorrow that went deep into the marrow. It turns out that I am a happy blind.

Why? To be ashamed, to some extent, I have all the four situations in the answer. I am a mother, bathing the baby was almost a daily compulsory in the early years. I used to be a doctor, with my hands rising and falling, and I operated on many patients. I also experienced countless times when I watched the cured patients walk out of the gate of the hospital. I was naughty when I was a child, although I had never built a complicated sand castle on the beach? This is probably related to which country is surrounded by water? Snow, but projects like digging a cave and hiding a “treasure” on the sand pile of nearby construction sites must have been handled. In addition, when I saw the above news, I had published several works, so the sense of “writer finished the last word”, which occupied a place in the alternative answers, was also lucky to experience it.

I combine these kinds of states that the public thinks are happy, but I never feel happy, which is really a puzzling and painful thing. I found that something went wrong, not a small problem, but a big problem. If this problem is not solved, all my efforts and struggles are like building a tower on the sand. From the most optimistic point of view, even if it helps others, I am still unhappy. I admit sadly that I am a happy blind.

I want to change this situation. I am responsible for my own happiness. From then on, I began to examine my grasp and perception of happiness. I trained my sensitivity and enjoyment of happiness. I was like a person who was enclosed in a cave since childhood, learn to distinguish grass, flowers, moon and white clouds under colorful lights. I realized how natural it was for those blind people who were imprisoned in darkness to open the gauze covering their eyes after the operation, the astonishment and surprise, the joy and tears crying with joy.

Philosophers have said that what is missing in life is not beauty, but the sight of finding beauty. Let’s imitate his words: there is no lack of happiness in life, but lack of vision to discover happiness. Happy blindness is like color blindness, which restores the gorgeous world into blurred black and white photos. Wipe your happy pupils, and you will see the happiness hidden, covered, obscured and confused, just like a mermaid rising from the deep sea, nurturing us.
(Text/Bi Shumin)

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