This person is your wife

This person is your wife

On this Earth has more than 5 billion people.

这个人就是你的妻子On this full more than 5 billion people, only one of these at your elbow. This person is your wife. This wife and you live in the same house, raise the same child, and eat the same breakfast while using the same money.

If you can, your wife’s name will be engraved on the same stone as yours in 100 years. The name of this stone is Tombstone. It will record you also recorded your wife, it will tell anyone who saw this monument of people, don’t look down upon you wife, in this world of 5 billion people, only she spent the longest and most secret time with you.

You can recognize her in the crowd, because she is your wife; You can also recognize that she will come to save you in danger, because she gave birth to a child for you.

No matter how different your work units are, the working hours are different, and whether the weather is windy or rainy, after work, only you two will return to the same place in the tide-like crowd, this place is called home.

There are only two or three people in this family. It is you and your wife, or you have children. There are also two keys to open the same door.

The vast sea of people, all living beings, a person in the place called home waiting for another person to come back, wait for decades.

If one day a war breaks out, your eyes will never leave her among the refugees. Because you know, in this world, people will be separated forever if they neglect a little.

If one day, when the war is over, you sit beside the road with no expectation, only expecting to recognize her in the crowd, maybe he will never come back, in this way, you will also sell the family property to find her. If you can’t find it, you won’t go home.

Even if there is no war, you still treat her as a person who met again after many years of separation.

Maybe marriage is a war. Before that, you were separated. It was not easy for you to meet again on the day you met. Then I went back home and held a wedding. Then there was an ordinary day, three meals a day, giving birth to children.

Maybe everyone knows, but you have already made up your mind; Since she followed you, she must not suffer losses. In this crowded world, you are her last protector.

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