Husband this thing

Husband this thing

The husband, like a child who has not grown up, has the characteristics of instability and instability. Although he already has a family, he always turns his eyes to the colorful world outside and often wants to run away from home, replace my wife. When he is happy, you may not see him for several days; When he is in pain, you must serve him carefully.

丈夫这东西They don’t like women who love a person intensively and try their best to build their own small family. They always look around and are impetuous, and their mind is always floating in the air.

After 3 years of marriage, they started marriage tired, give frequent marriage is the end of sigh. I am more and more picky about my wife, and I have more and more demands — I hope that my wife has the appearance of being shy and smiling, as well as a noble and dignified manner; She can not only manage housework like a servant woman, but also have various styles like a gorgeous star…… It is not very difficult to separate these functions. It is difficult to operate them together: a woman with Noble Manners cannot handle housework like a servant woman if she is killed; A woman like a servant woman, it is impossible to be as amorous as a porn star if killed. Therefore, they were very upset and felt that they were unfortunate. They didn’t choose the location of their ancestral graves well and married a useless wife.

If his wife asks him, “Do you love me all your life?” He may think, “it is extremely inhuman to have a man love only one woman all his life.” The wife asked again, “Will we still be husband and wife in the next life?” He might think, “Now, I want to escape. If I still live with you in the next life, I would rather be reincarnated than be a man in the next life.”

They began to cheat outside. If unfortunately found by his wife, they would argue with one voice: “I just played for a while, but didn’t take it seriously.” It seems that it is normal for them to have an affair, while it is not normal for the wife to be angry. If my wife says, “OK, then I will go to play.” He stared at his eyes and shouted, “men can play, women can’t play!” If his wife still quarrels with him unwillingly, he will file for divorce without mercy, and put all the responsibility of divorce on his wife, saying that she has low quality, no interest, don’t understand him.

If his wife promised to divorce him without hesitation, he would be anxious again, and there would be a feeling of being abandoned in his heart, thinking that no one would wash clothes, cook meals and be considerate in the future, which would be very pitiful; moreover, if they want to distribute most of the property to their wives, they will feel very distressed. Therefore, they no longer talk about divorce, and put on an appearance of living a good life.

When they were four or five years old, they began to panic because they truly felt that they were getting older. If your career is not successful, you will feel that you are living in a stagnant, deep, boring and boring mire. They are not willing to grow old like this, eager to have a new love, eager to take advantage of the young girl’s youth to let themselves go back to the energetic past. They were tortured by the last burning emotion. Once they had the chance, they would be deeply trapped in this kind of love and couldn’t help themselves.

However, the love at this time, at the beginning, was like a tsunami menacing; At the end, it was like the coastline after the tsunami, which was devastated. Once this love was over, the husbands’ energy would be exhausted and they began to speed up and grow old.

Until then, their hearts to their wives began to be soft. They began to take their wife to the streets to eat and shop, to buy gifts for his wife, and even made a declaration of love affectionately in public, to thank his wife for her persistent love for him for many years.

Next, they began to miss that they could fall asleep anywhere in the past, but now they could not fall asleep in their own bed; They ate in the restaurant, studied the menu desperately, but no longer watched sexy waitresses; they no longer complain that marriage is a grave, but they are very lucky to have this grave, otherwise, it is really a place of no burial.

Sometimes when thinking about it, the husband was really not a good thing, and he let his wife break her heart for them. He didn’t understand his wife’s kindness until he was too old to feel numb.

Nowadays, many women have their own careers and are not in a hurry to get married. Therefore, they are very contradictory and do not know whether they should want the husband or not. I suggest that we still need one. Instead of being alone to die, we might as well find a husband, who would die together, at least live a lively life.
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