Soul aloft

Philosophers say that soul and body are inseparable just like sharpness and blade.

However, the poet said that the soul was high.

One reason, one sensibility; One abstraction, one image. Although there is no distinction between superior and inferior, poets do not take exploring truth as their own duty, however, the truth revealed by “Soul on high” makes people tremble with their hearts naked.

You may be in adversity, humble status, living in ups and downs, being unknown all your life, having no day to stand out, and even suffering from great misfortune and being imprisoned like Maslova in the resurrection, but as long as you keep a pure and kind heart, as long as you have a soul on the high ground, you are a real person.

On the contrary, people like Hu Changqing and Cheng Kejie, although they are in a high position, enjoying the luxury and wealth, having BMW cars, beautiful people in Chinese houses, and even accepting the worship, their hearts are extremely despicable, low, dark, such a person’s soul can only be in the pigsty.

In a complex society, it is far more difficult to maintain the height of mind than to maintain the height of identity.

Being a man for a lifetime and raising the height of soul is far more important than raising the height of identity. Because the dignity and value of life are measured by the height of soul.

People often use nobility to describe the soul. However, nobility is only qualitative analysis, and height is a quantifiable indicator. It is simple, which makes it easy for us to weigh weight; Its image makes us see heaven and hell at once; It is intuitive, which makes the pure soul raise its height, let the ugly soul feel ashamed.

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