Cherish to keep love

Cherish to keep love

Everyone wants a love that can last forever and never change his mind, and a stable, happy and abundant marriage life. Because modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, but marriage is such a torment. When you stand outside the siege of marriage, you can see that love and marriage are so happy, think that marriage is an eternal and romantic spring, think that marriage is the only belonging of emotion, and think that marriage is as romantic as the story in the movie, as perfect as words reveal, I think marriage is the most beautiful painting in the world. I wish to believe that life after marriage is the most beautiful poem in the world. Such as the first meeting as the old friend, the meeting hate the late fall in love at the first meeting and so on have become the speed of people nowadays to get married with fairytale-like lightning love. As a result, when you enter the marriage happily, you realize that the life after marriage is not as romantic as described in the movie, but a completely real and ordinary life, which is not so common as to know the world, marriage is just to make the marriage with love last long.

珍惜才能留住爱Sometimes love is a topic that cannot be explained clearly. Love and marriage is indeed a difficult problem that can never be solved. Love will hurt when there is love, and loneliness when there is no love. Marriage and love are different, love is easy to make people lost, fairytale marriage makes people yearn for, because tender love like water makes people confused, fire love makes people crazy, dry material sex makes people burn, just because love can make passion romantic, marriage can make two people look good, but as for what is love and what is everlasting, maybe one hundred people have one hundred answers, because different people have different qualities, they have different answers. But it can be sure that everyone wants to have a marriage life with love and quality, hoping to create a more perfect and harmonious marriage life with his beloved! But if there is no love, no respect, no understanding in marriage, then it will last forever. If you don’t know how to cherish or own in love, then what about happiness? In marriage, only those who know what respect, understanding and tolerance are equipped with love, and those who know how to cherish and possess are equipped with marriage.

But there are also some people who like to play a game that has nothing to do with love and marriage. That is, you don’t have to bear true love, and you can meet the psychological, psychological and physiological needs without responsibility. No rules like this have nothing to do with love passion games, it is just to satisfy the growing physiological release of some people who fail in marriage and lose love who don’t believe in true love. But this game, which is meaningless and consumes energy without emotion, really makes these people addicted. Like one night lingering people drunk. Maybe there is no trouble, no worries and no rules game like this, which makes people excited and relaxed, but it is better not to appreciate playing such a game without rules.

Although there is no real happiness in the world of love, there is no eternal happiness and sadness. But one thing is certain that marriage can only be perfect after experiencing ups and downs. No one can escape from the wind and rain, and no one has gone through the rough road, how many people have never been hurt by love or burnt by love? Life is a game. There are gathering and separation, crying and laughing. If you are destined, you may not have a share. Love does not necessarily mean we can stay together. Marriage is not only about living, but also needs to spend more time and thoughts on operation and construction. Don’t think that if you enter the marriage siege, you can rest easy and everything will be fine. Don’t think that you don’t have to spend your energy to bear it. If you think so, you will be totally wrong. Only those who know how to maintain your relationship will have a happy and, only people who understand the love of marriage can sublimate the loving marriage.

Marriage is not a commodity. If you lose it, you will never find it again. Missing a beautiful marriage will really make you regret for the rest of your life. Since entering the marriage, we have to manage love sincerely. Our two Hearts struggle together, support together and face all kinds of difficulties in life. Entering the marriage means that they are willing to walk through a long life together, no matter how poor or rich you are, how healthy you are or how diseases accompany you, we must understand each other, respect each other and tolerate each other. Only when the love is fully opened and released can the marriage be happy. Only when the love is presented in front of the lover, can the most affectionate and gentle affection be expressed in words, eyes and touch, I believe that marriage like this is the most perfect and harmonious way to inject the most sincere love into marriage.

Only with love can we have love, and only with Cherish can we keep love. No matter how hard the marriage can never be solved, or how crazy the love is, as long as the true love has been lost, even if the marriage has not come to an end, it is not worthwhile to enter the marriage. But we must believe that feelings are sublimated from the plain, love or no love, fate or fate, the origin and fate are gone, and the fate is gathered and dispersed, don’t get drunk for a person who abandons you, let alone nostalgia for a dead marriage. Don’t always put yourself in a weak position to make people sympathize, don’t tear your wound at will, which makes people pitiful. Make your injured heart far away from the focus, and try to make your heart close to nature. We should learn to grasp the brilliance of love and then carry forward this loving marriage.

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