We are old too fast, but smart too late

We are old too fast, but smart too late

我们都老得太快,却聪明得太迟My senior lost his wife last year.

This sudden accident is really hard to accept, but isn’t death always like this?

The senior said that his wife most hoped that he could send flowers to her, but he thought it was too wasteful. He always said that he would buy it next time, but the result was that after her death, she decorated her mourning hall with flowers.

Isn’t this too stupid?!

Wait…… Wait…… It seems that all our lives are waiting.

“When I graduate from college, what will happen to me.” We said to ourselves.

“After I buy a house!”

“After my youngest child gets married!”

“After I finish this business!”

“After I die.”

Everyone is willing to sacrifice the present for unknown waiting; Sacrifice the hard money of this life to buy the comfort of the afterlife. As long as you walk on the road with mountains in Taiwan, you can see “farmhouses” change into “fine houses” everywhere, and the hillside changes into Spiritual Pagoda, which is nothing more than to wait until the death, to find a guarantee, no longer have to suffer. Many people think that they must wait until some time or something is finished before taking action.

I will start sports tomorrow; I will treat him better tomorrow; We will find time to go out next week; After retirement, we will enjoy it.

However, life is always changing and the environment is always unpredictable. In real life, various emergencies always emerge one after another.

As a doctor, I have seen more dead people than ordinary people.

When these people woke up in the morning, what they had expected was another ordinary day, but they didn’t expect an unexpected thing: traffic accident, cerebral hemorrhage, heart attack and so on.

In a flash, the giant ship of life capsized off the track and suddenly broke into the darkness.

So how do we face life?

We don’t need to wait until life is perfect or everything is stable. We can start now if we want to do anything.

If your wife wants red roses, buy them for her now and don’t wait until next time.

Tell her sincerely and frankly: “I love you”, “You are so good!”

Such love words are never too much.

If you can’t say it, just write a note and press it on the table: “You are awesome!”

Or: “My life is rich because of you.” Don’t be stingy with expression, grasp it well.

Remember, sending a rose to the living is better than sending a valuable wreath to the dead.

Everyone’s life has an end. Many people often find that they still have a lot of things to do when their lives are coming to an end. There are many words that are too late to say. This is really the biggest regret in life.

Don’t let yourself leave the spare hate of “too late.

The dead cannot be chased, and the newcomers are still uncertain. The most precious and timely “present” is often missed in a flash between the two.

There are many things that have become old things before you don’t know how to cherish them;

There are many people who have become old before you have time to put your heart into it.

Regretful things happen again and again, but it is useless to regret “knowing what to do” later. “That Time” has passed, and the person you recall has passed through your life.

A Swedish Motto said: “We are all old too fast, but smart too late.”

Whether you notice it or not, life is always moving forward. Life does not sell back and forth tickets, and there will never be any lost ones.

Don’t wait any longer for one day when you “can relax” or “Trouble Is Gone”.

Most of the beautiful things in life are short-lived and fleeting. Enjoy them, taste them, treat everyone around you well, and don’t waste time waiting for the “perfect ending” of all the difficult problems.

One word to advise you: grasp the present, don’t wait.

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