Choice Trust have

Choice Trust have

抉择 信任 拥有  Choice

One’s life is always in a choice, such as: Which University to go? Which occupation do you choose? Which kind of woman Should I marry?…… And so on. Whether a person has the ability to choose can show whether his personality is mature or not.

What kind of people who have no mind are not suffering from the choice. Because when it comes to making decisions, he always asks others to say, “Hey, what do you think?”

All the people who can make great achievements are those who have a strong choice. He knows the success or failure of the matter, and he cares all about that no one can do it for him, and no one can decide it for you.

At which moment of the decision, the success or failure has actually emerged.


Trust a person sometimes takes many years. Therefore, some people even have never truly trusted anyone in their whole life. If you only trust those who can please you, it is meaningless; if you trust everyone you see, then you are a fool; If you trust someone without hesitation and hurriedly, then you may be betrayed by the person you trust so quickly; If you trust a person just out of some superficial need, then the annoying suspicion and betrayal may come along; But if you dare not trust a person worthy of your trust, you will never get the sweetness of love and the warmth of the world, your life will also be dim because of this.

Trust is a kind of feeling of life, trust is also a kind of noble emotion, trust is a kind of link connecting people. You have the obligation to trust another person unless you can prove that person is not worthy of your trust; You also have the right to be trusted by another person unless you have been proved that you are not worthy of that person’s trust.


In this world, there are countless beautiful things. We always hope to get too much and make as many things as possible owned by ourselves.

Life is as short as a blink of an eye. Life flows dry inadvertently between possession and loss.

If you lose the sun, you still have the light of Starlight, you lose money, and you will also get friendship. When life also leaves you, you have the kiss of the Earth.

When you have it, you should cherish it; If you lose it, you should regard it as the test of the true knowledge of life, and the right as the commitment of the struggle promise of the rough life.

If you have honesty, you will abandon hypocrisy; If you have enrichment, you will abandon boredom; If you have sureness, you will abandon fickleness. Whether it is intentionally discarded or accidentally lost, as long as you once owned it truly, at some time, isn’t generous abandonment also a realm?

You can fight for what you have lost inadvertently. If you lose your love, you can look for it in spring. If you lose your will, you will temper it again in winter. But if you lose laziness, you can’t pick it up.

Too much desire becomes a burden instead. What can enrich and satisfy yourself more than having a indifferent mind?

Choose indifferent Park, and then prepare to walk a mountain road.

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