More horrible than disaster

One early summer evening, a couple locked their two young sons in the house, and then went to the field to harvest the ripe wheat. At about 10 o’clock at night, people reaping in the fields found there was fire in the village, and there were shouts everywhere: “It’s on fire! Go fire!” Except the

More important than success

1 In my opinion, the so-called success refers to doing the things you really like well. The premise is to have your own real hobbies, that is, your true temperament, this is just a business experience in Vanity Fair. 2 Success is not the highest standard to measure the value of life. What is more

Women who love reading are the most beautiful

Women who love reading are the most beautiful

There are some women who like books. Buying books, reading books and writing books are their durable fashion and cosmetics. Ordinary clothes, plain face up to the sky, walking among the women with flowers cluster and heavy makeup, are especially eye-catching. It is temperament, accomplishment, and the smell of books overflowing all over the body,

Women’s and customer

1. Beautiful women can’t be controlled by men, while beautiful goods can’t be controlled by women; Therefore, some men make goods, and the other men sell orders for goods. 2. Smart men praise women face to face, smart merchants praise customers face to face; While secretly men curse women, merchants curse customers. 3. Men will

Addition and subtraction life

When many people come to the end of their lives, why do they always regret wasting their lives and always assume that if they give him another life, what will he do? I think I shouldn’t lose a lot. I think there is still potential in life, but I just don’t do enough addition. But

Beautiful and exquisite as you

Beautiful and exquisite as you

Dear, I want to tell you a lot. Sisters, when we walk on the road, we must learn to make ourselves walk delicately. The number of clothes in your wardrobe may be very small, and the appearance may not be very beautiful, or it may not be famous brand, but it must have good texture.

Are you happy?

After living in America for a period of time, influenced by the culture here, many non-Native Americans inevitably change their working styles and ways of dealing with others. In order to survive better in American social culture, I also noticed that I had unconsciously been infected with some social interaction and thinking modes of America,