The road is over, it’s time to turn

The road is over, it’s time to turn

Today, I saw an article written by a girl in the newspaper, which impressed me deeply. Because of the failure of her first love and the pain of losing love, she had the idea of suicide, at the moment when she wanted to commit suicide, she saw a short poem on the bus. The content

Men need a confidante most

In this world, what men need most is not only a wife, but also a confidante. When you are ill in bed and fight with pain, you hold your hand, panic, tears streaming down your face that person must be your wife, she is afraid of your pain, afraid of your death, crying, obsessed, it

Orientation of the finger

Time has taken away a lot, including familiarity and warmth. I don’t know whether time brings me indifference or change in addition to layers of pain and intermittent cracks? Do people always become smooth after experiencing a lot? After having a lot, I forget my simple dream and persistence? When the spirit is smoothed by

Those flowers need love

When we sit in the spacious and bright classroom.When we listen to the teacher carefully in class.When we study in a quiet classroom. Do we think of those children and their families who are suffering because of the earthquake?Do we think of those children who can’t afford to go to school? When we enjoy luxurious

Youth does not fade away, but migration

At that time, I was young I was 25 years old that year and just entered the doctoral class. I studied my degree while writing. I had published the first novel collection “The sea is blue”, and it attracted people’s attention because of the unpredictable best-selling situation. I am very comfortable in the classical world

Life is their own

Life is their own

A woman took part in the performance. When she was making up in the backstage, a friend came to tell her that her husband had gone with other women. The woman smiled, but did not stop making up. The makeup was very delicate. After more than ten minutes, she stepped onto the stage with a

What can be changed is the attitude

A wife invited a painter to paint the wall at home. As soon as the painter entered the door, seeing her husband’s blindness, he immediately showed his pitiful eyes. But the male host was always optimistic, so the painter worked there for several days, and they talked very speculatively; The painter never mentioned the shortcomings

Confession of joy

In the hustle and bustle of the world, we often forget our hearts. Maybe there are too many difficulties and temptations in modern society, too many obstacles and too many opportunities, too many losses and too many possibilities. We are congested and have no breath; Those fame and fortune, honor, disgrace, gain and loss, right