My wife likes her husband snoring at night

More than twenty years ago, I read an article in a foreign newspaper, which was very interesting, but the end of the article contained a sentimental philosophy. The general content of the article is as follows: Abigail, a female editor of a newspaper column in America, received a letter signed as “the wife of a

Happiness is not about having more, but about less.

Happiness is not about having more, but about less. Many people lose the happiness of life because of too much greed. Life is like water. We must learn to adapt to the environment like water flows. Life needs to get something and give up something, just like a sculpture Only by removing the redundant parts

To see now that

Until now I understand:Love is not as beautiful as you think, life is life, plain and smooth. Until now I understand:Women should 50% love themselves; 35% love their families; 15% love others! Until now I understand:Under what circumstances can women give up their thoughts, careers and dreams! Until now I understand:Although money is not omnipotent,

There is a kind of single called “better lack than abuse”

Friend, I don’t know if you will feel this way? Want to fall in love, want to stop being lonely, But when love comes, you just want to escape. Sometimes when I calm down, I will feel that my persistence is ridiculous. Why not fall in love? Why do you want to be single? Is

You should let go when you wake up

If the person you love gives up you, please don’t be sad.Some things will not belong to you no matter how much you like,You are doomed to give up even if you miss something,There are many kinds of love in life, but don’t let love become a kind of hurt. Some fate is doomed to