Mountains juvenile

Every time I travel to some so-called relatively backward countries. When I meet those rural children who have never seen big cities in remote mountainous areas, I always wonder whether I am happy or they are happy? Not long ago, I met a young man who helped tourists carry their luggage to the famous scenic

I have promise, yet to be achieved and a

My friend suddenly asked me this question: “What do you think is the best living condition of a person?” When my friend asked me this question, I was reading the poem of Robert Frost, the American poet laureate, and then I borrowed Robert Frost’s poem to answer my friend: “The forest is beautiful, dark and

Send grateful

American entrepreneur still has always been enthusiastic about philanthropy. For decades, he has not only been loved and respected by many sponsors, but also been awarded the title of philanthropist by the government. Every Christmas is the busiest time for Still’s mother. Still’s mother is Vita. On Christmas Day, vitiya almost started from getting up

Please live more elegantly

Maybe your life is not rich; Maybe you don’t have a decent job; Maybe you are in trouble; Maybe you are abandoned by love; Maybe you are laid off now. No matter what the reason is, when you go out, please be sure to make yourself fresh, beautiful, raise your head, raise your chest, smile,

11 kinds of people worthy of deep friendship

Eleven kinds of boys worthy of deep friendship First, he knows how to respect you. He loves you more than Demands. He has his own opinion on himself, but he doesn’t have his own opinion on you. He respects all kinds of life choices you make and encourages you to develop your expertise. An important

Yearning flatly light life

Yearning flatly light life

Yearning for plain feelings, don’t be unforgettable, don’t be passionate. I hope to have an ordinary life and a plain life. As long as you are quietly accompanied by each other, there is tenderness lingering in the smiling eyes. Just like drinking a cup of tasteless plain boiled water, it can satisfy people’s demand for

Watering can-Liang Xiaosheng

In this northern city, at the foot of an old street, there was a small Russian-style house. He used to be beautiful, but now it is as old as a human. There were several trees at the gate of the small house. The trees had been dead for many years, like a long arm stretching

Life Simple is happiness

Modern people live in a complicated and complicated society every day. The tense and high-speed rhythm makes people seldom have leisure and relaxation time. People feel deeply physically and mentally exhausted in the struggle of struggle. However, if you observe carefully, you will find that as modern people, people are actually relaxing themselves as much