She looked at me like that — Lao She

People live for tomorrow, because there is sunrise and Xiaolu in my memory; If the past morning was as dark and ugly as hell, why do I look forward to tomorrow? Yes, there are also pain and danger in memory, but I hope that I will wrap the past horror with a layer of sugar coating, as if looking at a tragedy, which is a little sweet in bitterness. No matter how to put it, everything in the past cannot be moved; Truth, so it is reliable; Tomorrow’s slim battle is supported by yesterday’s reality, and the new dream is the dismantling and sewing of the old things.

By the way, I remember her eyes. She has been dead for many years, and her eyes are still alive in my heart. This pair of eyes watch love for me. When I was too busy to forget a lot of things, and even forgot her, these two eyes would suddenly flash gently in a cloud, a vast expanse of water, a flower, or a ray of light, like the wings of the returning swallow, I only need a flash to feel the infinite spring scenery. I immediately went back to that dream, and every little thing was desolate and sweet, just like stepping on the fallen flowers under the Spring Moon alone.

The little fire of love caused by these eyes is just a very pure flame, like a little sunset glow in my heart; The crystallization of the sunset glow. It can burn out the flowing water and mountains, illuminate the spring flowers and autumn leaves, and give the waves some golden light, but it can also illuminate my tears in my heart exactly.

They only have two expressions: one is staring, which is extremely short and fast, but the truth is staring. Just a slight look, I saw my soul and told me everything silently. Staring, it was not bad at all. I knew that she only needed to look at it very short and very fast. The movement of seeing it passed, very fast. However, she looked at me in her heart, maybe for a long time; I have to call it gaze, no matter how fast or short it is. There is no need for all poems and essays. This glance tells what “love” can say and do. The other is that the eye strain moves horizontally, from Smile to smile, laughing a little bit of lightness amused by love in the dignity of a virgin, and laughing a little bit of uncontrollable happiness in the passion.

I didn’t say a word to her. I didn’t shake my hand once. I didn’t even nod when I met her. But she knows everything about me; I know everything about her. We don’t need to look at each other’s clothes or inquire about each other’s life experience. We see a pearl hidden in each other’s heart at a glance; This is all we have, and those fragmentary things are matched, without attention. Looking at me, she walked over lightly with her head down, leaving a little smile in the air behind her, just like the sun falling behind and leaving some bright clouds.

We avoided each other, and at the same time we were willing to hug each other immediately. We lamented softly; Suddenly we met, so we stared at each other, and then we became happy. We felt like losing weight, walking brisk and powerful every step, as if we were going to jump up.

We are very willing to say a word, but we are very afraid of talking, what to say? Which common word can tell our mind? Let’s not speak, never speak! Our eyes and smiles are eternal and complete, and everything else is broken and weak, which is not worth doing.

We have been apart for many years. She is still so beautiful and affectionate in my heart. She will never grow old and always smile to me alone. In my dreams, I often see her. A sweet dream is the most real, pure and perfect. How many small hardships and sufferings in life make me frustrated and make me look down upon life. However, where did the smile and eyes suddenly come from? I remembered that there was only a little mood and state that could be compared with the difference of “human face and peach flowers reflecting red”. I forgot the hardship and I was no longer depressed, I regained my youth; Undoubtedly, I must still be a beautiful teenager in her white dream.

Spring shivered more clearly on the wings of Yan. Similarly, my youth in her eyes always warmed my blood like a seed in the soil, I always want to send out a small green bud. A little love as small as a small bean, the eyes moved, the lips moved, the Sun and the moon had no effect. At any time, we were always a pair of newly blooming spring flowers.

Don’t say anything more, don’t say anything more! My troubles are also sweet, because she has seen me so much.
(Text/Lao She)

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