Marriage is like a car

Marriage is like a car

There was a young woman who often quarreled with her husband after marriage. Every time they made a conflict, they didn’t give in to each other and blamed each other. Another weekend, after the couple had a conflict, the young woman found a lawyer to consult. After telling many unpleasant things about marriage, she asked the lawyer, “What should I do in the future?”

婚姻就像一辆车After listening to the young woman’s complaint, the lawyer did not answer her question directly, but gave the young woman a question: when a truck full of goods was going through a bridge opening, the goods cannot pass because they are several centimeters higher than the bridge opening. Excuse me, how can the truck pass the bridge tunnel smoothly without unloading?

After listening to this question, the young woman couldn’t figure it out. At last, under the warning of the lawyer, she finally thought of saying, “let the car tire breathe.” “On! Put some air on the tire and make the car a few centimeters shorter, then you can pass the lawyer’s very affirmative answer to the young woman. Then the conversation turned around: “Then, think about it, are your requirements for marriage too high? In order to make the marriage car pass smoothly, should I also give myself some air?”

Hearing this, the young woman seemed to realize something: “I know what to do.” A consultation made the young woman find the secret to treat marriage. Since then, the conflict between the young woman and her husband became less and less, because she learned to deflate herself and show weakness, concession, tolerance and respect.

It turns out that marriage is like a car, carrying the hope of our life. When the car is loaded, we should learn to inflate and make the marriage move forward smoothly. When encountering the “Bridge tunnel” of life, we should learn to deflate, so that marriage can pass through various obstacles of life.

Thinking carefully, it is not only marriage, but also the whole life of life? How many times, in interpersonal conflicts, they don’t give in to each other, and the two sides meet in a narrow way, which seems to have reached the pass. However, as long as we learn to relax ourselves, everything will be safe, and the wheels of life will move forward smoothly.

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