Ten kinds of women that men can never leave

  The first type: Maintain independence

Whether she is the CEO of a company or a waitress in a restaurant, it doesn’t matter. She has the most sincere life. She has her own honor, she does not rely on begging for living

  The second type: don’t pester each other

The stars, the moon and the sun all have their own tracks. Similarly, she will not wander around him. When her constellation diagram shows that his Mercury is far away from her Venus, she will not date him again. She wouldn’t bother him or watch him. He is not the center of the universe.

  The third: Mysterious

There is a difference between integrity and honesty. She is upright, but it does not mean that she needs to confess everything. She would not put her own card on the table clearly. She knew that being close was not bad-being too familiar would bury the seeds of disrespect and even boredom.

  The fourth type: she will make him anxious and embarrassed

She didn’t need to see him every night, nor would she leave long messages on his phone. Her name is not the first in the weekly plan arranged by his secretary. In fact, men are also eager for love. The desired feeling is also very beautiful.

  The fifth type: Don’t let him see his collusion

She tried not to communicate with him when she was confused, but also tried to avoid communicating with him when she was upset. When he is clear-headed, he will express it in a concise way.

  The sixth type: arrange your own time independently

She slowed down on purpose, especially when he couldn’t wait. She acted at her own pace, instead of following the steps of the other side, in order to prevent being manipulated by him.

  Seventh: she keeps a sense of humor

Her humor can make the other party feel her independent thinking. However, she would not laugh at him or disrespect him.

  The eighth type: she is quite confident

When he flatters her, she will say “thank you”. She would not stop his praise. She would not ask about the appearance of his former girlfriend, nor would she compete with other women.

  The ninth type: her passion for something exceeds her need for him

When he felt that she was not “once you have it, you have nothing to ask for”, he felt that she was full of charm. Because she had something to do, she wouldn’t be angry for not seeing him. In her mind, he had no privilege, no “fixed parking space” and no “dedicated access”. What he got was just a “temporary parking space” next to the “parking lot exit.

  Ten: she cherishes her body

She pays attention to her appearance and health. How a person maintains his/her appearance can reflect the degree of his/her self-esteem. If he told her that he didn’t like the red lipstick, which made her feel good, she would still use it.

Be a personalized woman, and make men suffer from chronic poisoning. When a man’s drug addiction is picked up, will you be proud of your talent and personality? Catching a man depends not only on knowing and being reasonable, we also need to have our own personality. Such a woman is the most attractive.

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