I am happy

I am happy

我是幸福的I must assume that I am happy, because happiness is a feeling first. I think I am happy, and I am happy. Under this premise, I can design my happy life.

I want to give happiness the simplest bottom line first, that is to live. Life is the basis for me to enjoy all my happiness, so I must cherish life first. I will never make fun of life or do things that damage the dignity of life. At the same time, I also need to respect the lives of others.

If I am live healthily, then I will be happier. If I have a family, people who care about me and some money, then I will be very happy. If I can do my favorite job, maintain my interest, and have friends who share the same heart, then I will be the happiest.

I want to design happiness into a tree. Take root with love and hope, and irrigate with wisdom and will. I will not be afraid of the unfortunate wind and rain. Because it is also the necessary nutrient for the growth of the tree of happiness. This tree does not necessarily have bright flowers, but it will certainly bear sweet fruits.

I want to design happiness as a road. There can be mud or thorns. In this way, I can know that the one who helped me is the one who gave me happiness, and the one who shared hardships with me is the one who can share happiness with me. Because I firmly believe that twisting the days of trekking into a rope will definitely cover happiness.

I want to design happiness into a shirt. The color and style should not be too gorgeous, but the texture must be excellent. Because the tone of happiness is peaceful and warm. Only happiness hidden in the ordinary is permanent; Only happiness in harmony and plain is warm; Only happiness originating from the deep soul is precious.

I want to design happiness into a novel. Don’t grandstand titles or ups and downs. It only needs time and place, sunshine and breeze, and wine to warm the meal. Characters live a simple life in a simple background, while happiness shines in a simple day.

Of course, I will not indulge in unreal design. I carefully fertilize my happiness tree every day, carefully measure the journey of happiness, and patiently iron and clean my happy clothes, I will cast love and care between the lines in my happiness novel attentively.

My happiness is not a few rays of smoke and clouds, nor a dream separated by clouds and mountains. He is wrapped around his fingers as soft as invisible; It is accompanied by him as light as silent; It is flowing in the Lake of the heart, as sweet as tasteless.
(Text/Xiong Furong)

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