Raising children is a good deal

Raising children is a good deal

养孩子是笔合算的买卖American government recently announced one estimate, American middle-income family with a child, a baby, from birth to eighteen-year-old, requiring a total of 160,140 dollars, conversion, per hour about 1 dollars. This does not count the cost of children going to college. In this way, it is better not to have a baby before you get rich.

However, the value of raising a child is not such an algorithm. When you pay a huge sum of wealth, you also need to see what you exchange for. So what do we buy?

You have bought the naming right, and you can name your child according to your preference.

You can feel the vitality of new life every day. You can tickle in the quilt every night and listen to the sneaky laugh; You can get sincere love; You can get the most sweet kiss and the most gentle hug.

In addition, you can see endless curiosity about stones, clouds and biscuits.

There are always a pair of small hands holding you. There are often jam or chocolate on that hand.

You always have a partner to accompany you, blowing soap bubbles, flying kites, digging sand holes, or diving in the rain. You can be silly and laugh regardless of everything, even if the boss cursed others that day, or the stock fell to a mess.

Besides, you can carve pumpkin faces, play hide-and-seek, catch Firefly, and continue to believe in the existence of Santa Claus.

You have an excuse to read the books you loved when you were young, watch cartoons on Saturday morning, watch Disney movies and make wishes to the stars.

You can also put a magnet in the shape of Rainbow, heart and flower on the refrigerator door, collect small Christmas decorations, hang pictures on Mother’s Day and send cards on Father’s Day.

You can also be a great hero, taking off Frisbee from the top of the garage, taking off the assistant wheel from the bicycle, picking out small thorns from your hands, draining water to the swimming pool, or being a coach of a small team, although that team has never won, they can get ice cream rewards after every match.

In addition, pay 160,140 dollars, you can sit in history of head a seat, witnesses walking first step, by speaking of the first word, first date, first drove cars.

You can become immortal.

You have added a new branch to your family tree. If you are lucky, more branches will grow on that branch, which will be passed down from generation to generation.

You receive education that you can’t get in college, involving psychology, nursing, judicial science, communication science and sexual physiology.

In children’s eyes, you are the most capable person in the world. You have the greatest power to heal the pain, drive away the demons under the bed, pacify the broken soul, patrol the overnight party, punish all fouls, and give unlimited love at the same time.

One day, your children will love like you and never consider the price.

Raise a child, 18 years, 160,140 dollars, really expensive?

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