The most precious thing is free

The most precious thing is free

最珍贵的东西是免费的I suddenly realized that the most precious thing in this world is free.

Sunshine is free. Among all living beings, no one can live without sunshine; However, from childhood to adulthood, has anyone ever paid a penny for the sunshine he has enjoyed?

Air is free. As long as a person is alive, he needs a steady stream of air. But from ancient times to present, who has paid for this indispensable thing? No matter the peddlers or the star dignitaries, they breathed the air filled with the heaven and earth freely.

Family affection is free. Every baby who comes to the world receives the meticulous care of his parents, which is a kind of love that goes deep into the blood without asking for return. But no parent would ever say to the child, “I will love you only if you give me money.” This love of parents will not depreciate because of the child’s adulthood, nor will it be weakened because of the aging of parents; As long as parents are still alive, this love will always be the same.

Friendship is free. The one who accompany you silently when you are lonely, the one who stretches out his arms to you when you fall down, the one who takes you in his arms when you are sad, have you ever put him (her) the payment is converted into cash, and then I want you to pay back?

Love is free. The involuntary admiration, the uncontrollable missing, the deep feeling of being in the same boat through hardships and the love of being influenced by each other are the deepest comfort and the most solid support of life. And all of this is free, and money can’t buy it.

The goal is free. No matter the prince who is well-dressed or the vagrant who is naked, he can set a goal for his life as long as he is willing. This goal can be either great or ordinary, glorious or simple. You can have it if you like.

There are faith, hope, will, and dreams…… All this is free, and you can get it as long as you want. There are spring breeze, drizzle, bright moon and bright stars…… How many beautiful things in the world that nourish the soul are free……

Don’t sigh at the Heaven any more; The heaven is just and generous; The heaven has already given the most precious things to everyone for free.

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