Happiness of truth

Happiness of truth

The happiest time is when you don’t leave a word for happiness. The more you say, the more people doubt your happiness.

Stop thinking about things like pursuing happiness. Many times, misfortune spreads because of this. Just like when love songs were popular, you thought anxiously, “it seems that I have to fall in love too.”

A person who has learned the truth does not say that he has already learned the truth. Therefore, happy people will not say, “How happy I am!”

“I want to pursue my happiness!” Don’t say that. When you say that, demons wander around you. “I want to pursue happiness!” This sentence itself means that you are not happy now.

Happiness is not pursued, but already exists around you waiting for you to feel.

You are always thinking, “Will there be higher happiness?” You are always thinking, “I should have more happiness than others!” This word “Geng” is the cause of your misfortune.

You think the ramen in one store is delicious, but the foodie nearby said, “it’s just so so.” So when I eat again, I feel there is no smell.
If you put the benchmark of happiness outside, you will not know whether you are happy or not without asking others. However, do you have to ask others about your own happiness?

Do you think: “how happy this is!” They said, “This is not happiness!” Which side do you believe?
People always doubt how valuable their personal experience is.

“No matter how happy you are now, but I can’t feel it, there is no way!”
There is a gold coin falling on the ground. If you don’t look down, you will never pick it up.

You don’t think you can feel happiness now, which is the reason for your misfortune.
You don’t think you can do it now, that’s why you can’t do it.

“The problem is that I don’t have time to feel happiness!”
Love and happiness are by your side. But if you don’t feel it, even if they exist, they are nothing.

People who want to pursue happiness all day long will never get happiness.
Because for him, happiness exists in the future.

If you can’t feel the happiness now,
Why can we get tomorrow’s happiness?

Everyone has experienced happiness, but unconsciously, we forget that happiness is in our hearts, but we rush around in order to have happy conditions.
Then, at the same time, we forgot to grasp the present happiness.

Unfortunately, I want to be someone in order to get love.

幸福的真相“With the conditions of happiness, I will be happy.” Many people think so.
In a sense, it is right to say so. However, people always make mistakes about those conditions.

“As long as I always do things correctly, I will surely get love and happiness!”
Is that what you think? Ha ha, that’s just your wishful thinking.

You can’t find happiness now, and it won’t happen with your marriage.
The happiness you can feel with your heart will not increase with your marriage.

Are you thinking, “if the world changes, I will be happy.”
From now on, you ‘d better not think like this.

I don’t know how to be happy.
However, unfortunate people do not think of everyone’s happiness, but only want to make themselves happy.

People who feel their existence value because they are praised by others, what if they no longer praise you?
Anyway, in order to make others applaud and be satisfied, it is difficult for people who have been consuming their own energy to be happy.

No one should pursue happiness, but first pursue the state of “I am not unfortunate.
Then, the state of “I am not unfortunate” will continue.

Unfortunately, there are various reasons. And happiness does not need any reason.

Have you noticed?
The safest way you think,
It is actually the most dangerous thing for you.
The reason for losing happiness is very simple,
You are desperately trying to keep it.

34. Your own life,
Only you can start by yourself.
Just sit there,
No one can bring you happiness.

From time to time, pray for others’ happiness.

Make an appointment with yourself,
For example, “If you take off your shoes, you must set them up,
Then observe these small agreements every day.
If you keep these small agreements with yourself,
Then you can also make the agreement “I will be happy tomorrow.

Don’t watch too much TV or magazines,
That will make you unable to distinguish the boundary between illusion and reality.
External information will not bring us happiness,
Happiness, only when your heart is peaceful Can you come to visit.
It comes from your heart.

Unfortunately, they always belong to those who “put their own happiness on you.
Happiness always belongs to people who “hold their own happiness in their own hands.
We can “hold happiness in our own hands.”

We have various experiences in life.
As time goes by, we find that,
These are just condiments on the road of life.

If you can cheer when you are happy,
Crying in pain,
Then you are happy.
We play various roles on the stage of life,
Such as good people, such as capable people.
No matter what role you play, you will feel happy as long as you put it into performance,
However, when you are influenced by too many characters, you will fall into misfortune.

“Happiness is like this……”
We define happiness.
But sometimes, things are totally unexpected,
At that moment, the happiest.

Listening to others saying happy things,
Sleep unconsciously.
That moment is called happiness.

Happiness is an ordinary existence.
Famous, colorful, eye-catching, will be very troublesome.
Happiness mostly belongs to people who are content with plain.

Hi! Should you decide to feel happy?
Is here! Now!
Other things can be done slowly,
We have to hurry up!

It’s good to have something to do tomorrow!
It is really good to continue such a day.

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