That year we have no money

That year we have no money

那一年我们没有钱I don’t know when to start wearing Adi Nike.

I also forgot when to start using perfume and lipstick.

The former Cold dog is now called fresh milk raisin.

The previous three-color Cup is missing now.

Why are you obsessed with ticking things.

Why do you want a brand of products.

Then you will know prada and Gucci.

Then I will wear Armani clothes with LV bag.

Until the day you die.

When you finally smile and look at the crying people around you

Then I slowly recall my past.

In your memory.

Will it be full of these brands. Brand. Brand.

I still remember that year when we didn’t have money

We wear simple but clean clothes.

Shoes that are slightly wrinkled but neat.

Carry bag.

Maybe I will meet some classmates on the way.

I can talk about stories on campus.

The old locust trees in the campus.

There are also transparent windows. Narrow walking and playful children.

I will blush inexplicably when talking about a classmate.

Then change the topic as if nothing had happened.

I will cheer heartily in PE class.

I can graffiti freely in art class.

And then

When the head teacher passed by the window, he quickly put away the comics in the drawer.

I pretended to be serious when holding my back, but felt uneasy in my heart.

I will do exercises every day

Stand on tiptoe to search for a back that lingers on your dreams.

Then at the moment of passing by by by mistake

Raise your head proudly.

But after leaving, I was very upset about my timidity.

When receiving homework

Pretend to check her homework casually.

In fact, I just want to see her beautiful words.

Then tell her if there is a bone in the egg.

In fact, there is a simple method.

I will stop for a short time when I enter the door in the morning.

But just to see the figure that will appear on the stairs next second.

Or tie a lace that is not loose at all.

There is no wind blowing hair.

Leave a flurry figure of the back proudly.

Will quietly stretch out on the corridor.

Just to see the girl who stopped your heartbeat.

However, when someone passes by you

Raise your head to see the scenery in the distance.

Imagine the clouds in the sky as her.

That year. When we had no money.

Every day I just imagine that one day when I grow up

Carry a traveling bag as big as your body.

Take the person in your heart.

Go through every corner of the world.

That year, we didn’t even have money.

But many years later.

When we begin to notice the people around us

They carry Levi’s. REEBOK schoolbag.

Wear G-STAR of clothes

Haunting Starbucks or Haagen-Dazs.

I go shopping instead of playing basketball on weekends.

The first reaction when I got the clothes is not suitable or not

But to see what brand it is.

I will despise those children who wear clean clothes but don’t know what brand they are.

There will be a mess of Tintin pendants hanging on my hands.

They no longer use passionate love letters to tell a relationship.

Even they will continue to pursue different girls for stimulation.

Then we talked about what to do in the crowd.

In exchange for the amazement of almost ridicule.

Know DUNK well but don’t know how kung pao chicken works

I often change different hair styles and pretend that I am very low-key.

Or deliberately say something about the economic phenomenon that actually has nothing to do with yourself when making a phone call

Then I will seriously say how beautiful the SUPER-STAR black and gray format is.

The object in mind began to draw the price.

Then the seller gave me precious perfume and ring.

Love is commercialized at this age.


Goods are loved.

Boys and girls began to swim among many boys and girls.


People would call.


If is really so.

I would rather go back to that year when we all have no money.

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