Life in fate and love

The beginning of a friendship is always born with a destined fate. Otherwise, why did I meet you in the vast sea of people and fall into each other’s mood, so I waited and didn’t ask for return, I was moved by the warm heart and felt sorry for this. I thought that this kind of encounter should be cherished. So, love your love, love your love. Because of such love and love, we can appreciate each other and have that sincerity.

Because of the emotion flowing in the words and the entanglement of imagination in the words, I began to approach, wait and wish…… This kind of support and encouragement moved me so much, even tears flowed, because of the happiness, even shock, because of the contribution, you know me a lot, better than myself,, I won’t say anything deliberately. Everything just flows with the flow of nature. The pulse is soft, but it is for a long time……

Strive for the happiness that can be held. Because I don’t want to live up to the sincere hope engraved in my heart. The close heart does not need flowery words, sweet words, silent, hidden in my heart and silent communication, the emotion that makes my heart tremble, from words to music to mood, makes me feel warm, from the bottom of my heart……

Deliberately, instead, it is not natural. With such a premise, there will be no embarrassment when communicating with each other. Knowing smiles, sad tears and sincere thoughts are just such frank expressions. From then on, those past, engraved in memory, will not disappear, even if faded, there are also traces of cutting love.

I have been grateful for many times, because I met you, the confidence and courage you gave me, the inspiration and thoughts you gave me, and the fragrance of flowers, engraved in my life, it will never fade. Every fragment is a petal, which is hard to forget.

Cherish such happiness.

Time, walking with beauty, I still remember the past, and the mood told by words is still there. Therefore, I have been waiting, and I have been trying hard to cherish such a permanent. Really, do you feel it? Happiness can be waited for, but efforts must be added. I feel that because of your efforts, I cherish such a waiting. Then, the beauty with rich fragrance of flowers has accumulated for me.

There is always a deep apology in my heart for not giving anything. Inexplicably, I often think of it. In fact, what we can hold is just the ordinary hands around us, feeling warm and then smiling, then we know that, people who should cherish must cherish, and people who should be grateful must also be grateful. Knowing the value of distance, they also feel relieved to meet like this. They always feel that this is good and deeply bound, shallow thoughts always linger in my heart.

Night, quiet, because I think in the words, love, warm, because of the selfless giving of each other, there is no need to thank, but I still want to thank, because deep in my heart, I always cherish it, that kind of slight love born by fate and cause!

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