Appreciate a people become beautiful

Appreciate a people become beautiful

欣赏使人变美At the end of the 19th century, there was a bad child in Missouri in the western United States. He secretly threw stones to the neighbor’s window and put the dead rabbit into a bucket and barbecue in the fire of the school, which made him stinking. When he was 9 years old, his father married his stepmother, and he told her to pay close attention to the child. The stepmother approached the child curiously. When she got to know the child, she said, “you are wrong. He is not bad and smart, but his intelligence has not been brought into play.” The stepmother appreciated the child very much. Under her guidance, the child’s intelligence found a place to play, and later became a famous American contemporary entrepreneur and thinker. This person is Dale Carnegie.

Lin Qingxuan, a Taiwanese writer, went to a mutton restaurant for dinner. The boss said to him, “Do you still remember me?” Lin Qingxuan said, “I can’t remember.” The boss brought an old newspaper 20 years ago, where there was an article written by Lin Qingxuan. At that time, he worked as a journalist in a newspaper office. This was a report about thieves. The thief was so skillful that he committed crimes thousands of times. He succeeded again and again, and finally fell into the hands of a master of anti-theft. The article sighed: “A thief who is so careful and skillful, will achieve anything!” The boss told him, “I am the thief. It was your words that led me to the right path.”

Even thieves have something to appreciate, and even thieves can walk on the right path under the guidance of appreciation. Who else around us can’t appreciate or be guided?

Learn to appreciate others! Appreciate your colleagues, you and your colleagues will cooperate more closely; Appreciate your subordinates, they will work harder; Appreciate your lover, your love will be sweeter; appreciate your child, I can’t say he is the next Carnegie……

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