Women need to learn ten things

Women need to learn ten things

女人要学会十件事情One: a lover is a lover, as long as you love, don’t compare it, don’t always say how good other people’s husband is, don’t criticize him for his success, you are his closest person, if you still say so about him, it seems that you shouldn’t. For most men, praise and encouragement can make him more powerful to fight than verbal abuse. Besides, do you have the heart to hurt him if you love him? If you love him, you must respect him. You can’t hurt others even if you are angry again. Sometimes the wound of words is bleeding all your life. Physical injuries are easy to cure, and the consequences of mental injuries are terrible.

2: Don’t ask each other whether they love you all day long. If he really loves you, you don’t have to ask. If he doesn’t love you, he has become your husband. Will he definitely admit to his wife? Unless he doesn’t want this marriage. His love for you can be tasted with heart. Love is made, not made. The love that never comes down to reality is too feeble. Marriage is reality, life is reality, and romantic love is not real life. Marriage is to feel love from daily necessities.

Third: don’t show your face to him. An angry woman is very ugly. He has been under a lot of pressure at work, and he has no obligation to go home to see your face make you happy. The other side has shortcomings in character. The details of life will be different from yours, which makes you dissatisfied. But how can he be perfect? In front of you, he should put down his mask and be himself again, be a normal person. Tolerance is the proper attitude to be a person and treat marriage. Tolerate and understand each other,

Fourth: A man regards his dignity more important than anything else, no matter how much he loves you privately or how afraid he is of you. In front of others, he must give the other person enough face and let him be the indomitable man in his mouth who is not afraid of his wife. He should not like his friends joking and teasing him for being afraid of his wife. Unless he has enough strong backing and high status, however, most of us are ordinary people.

Five: most men like bragging. Don’t expose his trick. They can gain some strength and confidence so that they can continue the struggle under the journey of life. Does the virtual sense of achievement make him feel better? No one likes what he is. When you are with your wife, making love is the indulgence of your body, and talking is the indulgence of your soul. As long as your lover is happy, it is not very good to act silly and fit him easily?

Six: men all like beautiful women in their hearts. When they see beautiful women, they will stare at them or look back. Don’t think that he doesn’t love you, and don’t think that he is lascivious. It is a man’s instinct to love beautiful women, and character nothing. Besides, everyone who loves beauty has it. Haven’t you peeked at a handsome guy?

Seven: Don’t be too vain, don’t be too utilitarian, the pursuit of material is endless, you live yourself, not live for others to see, the shoes are not fit, only know by yourself, comfort is the most important, others are all decorations, which are fake. Besides saying goes: Qianjin easy to get, have there been hard to find. True love is priceless, love is priceless.

Eight: Why do men like gentle women, because they are very fragile inside, not as strong as appearance, they need wife’s tenderness like water, soft whisper, light pity honey love. Knowing that you have a gentle appearance and temperament like Blue, a voice like blue, and a sentimental eye wave, they can easily turn all kinds of steel into soft fingers. Wenruian has a book called “gentle knife”, gentle, can kill a man, for a man, it is a fatal temptation.

Nine: Family is always the first. Of course, we should be responsible for our work, have professional ethics and get fun from our work, but don’t be slaves to work, we work to stay with our families more happily, enjoy life, and enjoy life is very important.

Ten: The parents of your lover are your own parents, compare your heart with your heart, love your own house, old and old, as long as you really feel that this is my own parents deep in your heart, the old people feel the sincerity when they are psychologically attached to the old. What’s more, people are very like children when they are old, as long as they are happy like Coaxing children. We ourselves have an old day.

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