Make a wise woman

Make a wise woman

做个明智的女子Women should believe in the old words of warmth, beauty, trust, dignity and toughness. Don’t be decadent, empty, confused, spoil yourself and hurt others. Don’t agree with those disguised COO and alternative. They are the excuses for people who have nothing to do to let themselves have nothing to do. The real coolness lies in the heart. You must have a strong heart. We should have the belief that we can let time go and will not break or yield.

Love and live well. Youth is so short, don’t sigh old. Ask yourself from time to time what you are doing. When you are sad and wronged, cry loudly. After crying and washing your face, pat your face and squeeze out a smile to show yourself. Don’t rub it, or your eyes will be swollen the next morning.

Give yourself a great future and goal. Remember to always look up at the sky. Remember to look at your feet when looking up at the sky. Whenever anyone asks you how many times you have been in love, the answer is twice. Once he loved me, but I didn’t love him. Once I loved him, but he didn’t love me. Good Love will always be next time.

Don’t give the same man two chances to hurt you. Don’t believe the oath on the bed. Don’t value virens, but keep pure. Don’t say “love” easily “.

Don’t treat being mean as true love. Don’t be moved when a man practices himself to please you. This cigarette butt burns on him, and the next one may burn on you. Look at what a man’s friends look like and pay attention to his friends’ attitudes towards women. Also, don’t trust a man who is not ready to introduce you to his circle of friends. Don’t trust people who use means in love. Don’t say bad words when breaking up. Learn a lesson, but don’t regret it. Regret no use.

Don’t tear photos, burn letters, tear diaries and other things that only people do in third-rate love TV series. Believe in Love. I believe that a good man still exists, is still unmarried, and is still looking for you in the vast sea of people. Don’t say “men don’t have a good thing”, which makes others mistake you for reading countless words.

Remember to protect yourself. For some people, you don’t have to cherish it, but for your family, you are precious. Please know, baby, when you are sad, you have to go home, call me, tell people around you, don’t be bored in your heart. You should know that you don’t lack love, we are here.

When looking in the mirror, you must smile and tell yourself that I am very cute. Exercise, be healthy, not lazy, not smoking. Don’t sleep and get up late. Love material, appropriately. Always know that spirit is more important. You are more beautiful than those famous watches, famous brands and fashionable dresses.

They follow their parents’ wishes, but have their own ideas. Don’t follow blindly. Ask yourself what you think about everything. If you have any ideas, you should speak them out loudly. Read philosophy, science, psychology and some books that you think are boring. Know the basic rules and common sense of the world. Listen to good music. Good movies and paintings. Art in love, but not yourself in art.

Don’t look down upon working people. Don’t be ashamed of Labor. The land is not dirty, and the sweat is not unpleasant. Please respect those who seem to live worse than you, because this is to respect yourself. Always sympathize with those people living at the bottom.

Do not underestimate a penny. You may as well earn your own money. When you have money in your pocket, don’t refuse any beggar. We are not giving alms to beggars, but to those who are more difficult than us. Those disguised beggars also have the mood of beggars when begging. Give you happiness.

No matter how tired it is, seats should be given to the elderly and pregnant women on the bus. When you are hurt by friends, don’t doubt friendship, but beware of those who betray you. Forgive, but don’t forget.

Be naive and childlike, and keep some chivalrous feelings to friends. Be happy, cheerful, tough, and warm. This has nothing to do with personality.

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