Marriage is a pair of shoes

Marriage is a pair of shoes

The shoes can be made of various raw materials. The simplest one is a fresh banana leaf, and the most expensive one is the pair of crystal shoes that the fairy left to Cinderella.

No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is fit, no matter what kind of marriage, the most wonderful thing is harmony.


The marriage of talented men and beautiful women is brand shoes, which looks noble, beautiful, comfortable and generous, but its price is expensive and can not be muddy, and it needs careful maintenance and cherish from time to time.


The marriage of childhood sweetheart is cloth shoes, which looks simple and elegant. It is economical to wear and has no worries to put it away. It feels light and fast, but once entering the room, it always makes people feel that they are not very popular.


The marriage of sharing weal and woe is tourist shoes, which look strange and smart to wear. Its biggest feature is that it will not get rid of the bottom after going through wind and rain, and it will always hold tightly with the feet as long as you wear it, therefore, the more on the bumpy road of life, the more durable and suitable features it shows.


Romantic Marriage is dancing shoes, which are light, flexible and elegant, but once leaving the flat and smooth specific environment, it will be extremely difficult to adapt and also extremely impractical.


Career-oriented marriage is running shoes, which can help each other and create brilliance together with feet. However, once they break away from the career track, it is difficult for shoes and feet to adapt to each other.


The marriage of the old couple and the young couple is platform shoes. Although they can’t travel long, they seem quite special; The marriage of the old couple and the young couple is big silly shoes, which looks funny and convenient to wear, it’s easy to take it off, but you can only feel yourself in the bedroom when you wear it. If you show off on the street, it will inevitably become a problem.


An open marriage is a sandal, which has a strong seasonal nature. It can make people wear it without hesitation in the summer when the emotion heats up, and it can also make people feel cold in the emotional season, take it off casually.


The marriage with red apricot on the wall is slippers, which are easy to wear, convenient and adaptable. But the fatal weakness is that you can’t get out of the gate, get on the right road and walk far.


The marriage that was bribed by money was the tight-mouth embroidered shoes of small size, which looked pretty, but only the feet knew: I felt uncomfortable.

The marriage forced by force is a big iron shoe, which is too heavy to move a single step. However, if you want to take it off, it will hurt your muscles and bones, flesh and blood……

Choosing a satisfactory marriage is just like choosing a pair of satisfactory shoes. What matters is that the size of the shoes is the same as that of the feet. It is best to wear what kind of shoes.

Comfortable shoes keep your feet. But remember: comfortable shoes are not necessarily the most beautiful ones. At any time, we can only let the shoes adapt to the feet, but not the feet. Only the feet know whether the shoes are comfortable or not. On the road, I am most afraid of wearing the wrong shoes, and marriage is most afraid of suffering. If the shoes are particularly tight, you should quickly change a pair of shoes before the shoes are hurt.

Don’t covet the wealth of shoes, but wronged your feet. What others see is shoes, and what they feel is feet. Feet are more important than shoes, but in our life, however, many people forget this point.

We need to wear ice shoes for skating, snow boots for snow, and tourist shoes for traveling. There are countless kinds of shoes for us to choose, but only one pair of feet, so friends, we should be careful when choosing shoes.

There are also many good shoes in the world, but you need to see if they are suitable for your feet. The feet will grow, but the shoes will not change. Therefore, shoes and feet become an eternal contradiction, who is more powerful in shoes and feet? I think it’s feet, I saw worn shoes, not thin feet.

There is not a long time for our feet, which is the age when we begin to mature. We carefully choose a kind of shoes suitable for ourselves. One foot is a man. One foot is a woman, and the shoes link them into a similar but absolutely different pair. Since then, on the journey of life, what people see is no longer footprints, but shoe prints.

It is a kind of fool’s cruelty to cut the foot and adjust the leisure, while Zheng people’s buying leisure is a kind of pedantic of wise people. When walking hard, the shoes and feet should be united sincerely, and never abandon the shoes when stepping up……

Of course, feet are more important than shoes. When shoes do hurt feet, we might as well go barefoot.

Only by choosing a pair of shoes that fit your feet can you go further.

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