Mountains juvenile

Every time I travel to some so-called relatively backward countries. When I meet those rural children who have never seen big cities in remote mountainous areas, I always wonder whether I am happy or they are happy?

Not long ago, I met a young man who helped tourists carry their luggage to the famous scenic spot golden stone in Kyaikhtiyo town in Myanmar. See he thin small, but a person to 4 of us the luggage on the top of the head, in the rain in worn-out slippers led us up the mountain.

4 of us of bag certainly not light. Juvenile not carry easy. But he didn’t hum, moving forward steadily, and always had to lead the way ahead of us. I am a miser who never tip in a foreign country, no matter in a high-end hotel or a street vendor, but this young man’s dedication made me break the precepts, and I had decided to reward him heavily before I reached the top of the mountain.

Looking at the young man, I was wondering whether he would be trapped in the mountain all his life and earn the living expenses of several dollars by carrying luggage for others every day? If he is taken to a big city, will he have more choices? Will he still want to be a coolie? Will he be happy? Will he be happier in the future?

Later, I talked with my friends. He thought my idea was not practical. Young people in the mountains may never have the opportunity to leave their hometowns and go to big cities to see the various aspects of the world, but that does not necessarily mean unhappiness.

A modern man who has never been immersed in the colorful world will not have too many opportunities to let him have various desires, which may not be a kind of happiness.

Compared with us who are tempted by too much material around our life, we often want more after we get it. The hole of desire is boundless and bottomless, and we are always filled with dissatisfaction. Happiness seems to be out of reach, we work hard to make money, but we don’t have enough time and money.

Who on earth is happier? It is really possible.

Speaking back to that young man in the mountain, we asked him to go back to the inn where we settled at 8 o’clock the next morning to help us carry our luggage down the mountain because of his pity and his fairy appearance. He had already arrived in the rain before the next morning. It was still the dirty clothes of yesterday, or the rotten slippers of yesterday, and I was very reluctant to step into the Inn to take shelter from the rain. I don’t know whether it is their work “etiquette” or their self-esteem. But I really appreciate his backbone. On the way down the mountain, two wild dogs walked around him. Watching the communication between him and the dog, I really felt that both he and the dog were happy. It can be seen that everyone can find their own comfortable space in their own world. Whether the living environment is harsh or not and whether the living conditions are good or bad are just relative.

The young man in the mountain must also have sad moments that I can’t see, but the problem is that when I have mercy on him, I am afraid that I have already looked down upon their simple lifestyle subconsciously, they were not put on the same position as me.

Who is happier?
(WEN/Wu qingkang)

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