Live true temperament

If my outlook on life can be summarized in one sentence, it is my true temperament. I never regard success as the main goal of my life, and I think that only living a true temperament can I not waste my life. The so-called true temperament, on one hand, values personality and inner spiritual value, on the other hand, is the neglect of external utility.

When measuring anything, what a person values is their meaning in his own life, not how much practical benefits they can bring to himself. Such an attitude towards life is true temperament.

Only when a person lives in the world, he must have something he really likes, can he live an interesting life. This hobby is completely out of his true temperament, not for some external interests, such as money, fame and so on. He likes doing this thing, just because he thinks it itself is very beautiful, and he is attracted by the beauty of things. It was like a gardener who opened up a garden of his own just because he liked it. He cultivated many beautiful flowers and trees in it and devoted his efforts to them. When he was farming on his own garden, he was very steadfast in heart. Wherever he went, he would care about those flowers and trees, just as his mother cared about his own children. Such a person will surely live a full life. On the contrary, if a person doesn’t have his own garden, no matter how big the official he is or how big the business he does, he will always be empty in essence. Once such a person loses his official position and breaks his property, his emptiness will be exposed completely. He will be in constant panic and find that he has nothing to do in the world and no one needs him, become a redundant person.

People do things either out of interests or out of temperament. For things done out of interests, of course, there is no need to care too much about whether they are happy or not. I often see athletes in Vanity Fair complaining bitterly while struggling constantly. I can fully understand this. I don’t think their complaint is false, because I know that interest is a force, and in terms of the nature of what they do, interest is indeed more important than pleasure. On the contrary, happiness is the basic standard for anything done out of temperament, that is, just to satisfy the soul. Not only reading, but also writing, art creation, art appreciation, making friends, falling in love, doing good deeds and so on, in short, all spiritual activities. If we don’t feel happy when doing these things, we must doubt whether the force of interests plays a role in it, making them transform from temperament life to utilitarian behavior.

You said, you have to live a good life. I said, you have to make a living. Reputation and status are clothes, you may as well get one to wear. However, don’t judge people by clothes and hats. Clothes are exchanged, I am still me. When you take off your clothes, men and women will be more authentic.

In this life, it doesn’t matter whether you can write beautiful articles or not as a thinker or essayist. I am only willing to keep the true nature of life, the innocence that can quietly listen to other lives and make other lives willing to listen quietly. The happiness in this is far from comparable to flashy fame.

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Reality is not somewhere in this world, but our attitude towards this world, which is a kind of life belief and criterion that we finally find for ourselves.

Things with taste in the world, including poetry, wine, philosophy and love, are often useless. Singing useless poems, drunk useless wine, reading useless books and expressing uselessness finally became a uselessness person, but thus he lived a full life.

“Concentration” is not cultivated, it comes directly from the attraction of what you do to you. I do feel that reading, writing and enjoying love, kinship and friendship are the happiest things in the world. There are two lucky things in life. One is to do what you like to do, and the other is to be with the people you like. Therefore, it can also be said that my “determination” comes from my luck.

Truth is the most difficult thing. For it, one may have to give up many good things: reputation, status, property and family. But reality is also the easiest. In the world, only it can one get and maintain as long as he is willing.

There are no goals marked by identity in my life, such as academicians, senators, ministers and so on. Those who strive for this kind of goal, whether they are anxious for frustration or happy for success, I smell the same smell from them, this smell made me unbearable to stay with them for three minutes.

For those who show a sense of mission in words and deeds, I have instinctive antipathy and stay at a respectful distance. In my opinion, the real sense of mission is nothing more than a kind of love for the work that I choose and am engaged in. When meeting such people, my blood instinct will regard them as my brothers.

Why do a person need to be a copywriter? If you want to flow forever, an immortal poem is enough. If there is no such extravagant demand, you only need to live comfortably, and writing is just a way to live comfortably.

I don’t want to exchange a smile on my lover’s face for the reputation of a generation behind me.
(Text/Zhou Guoping)

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