Addition and subtraction life

When many people come to the end of their lives, why do they always regret wasting their lives and always assume that if they give him another life, what will he do? I think I shouldn’t lose a lot. I think there is still potential in life, but I just don’t do enough addition. But life is a one-way journey without return, without regret!

So what is the “addition” of life? It is to pursue knowledge, success, wealth, fame and wealth. Life seems to be a container. We always want to put a lot of things into it to enrich our life. This is not wrong. The key is what you want to put in and how you want to put it in. I remember an article called “the big stone in life”, which told a quiz on how to manage time:

First put a pile of stones the size of fists into the jar, until they could not be put down any more. In fact, Gravel can also be put to fill the gap between stones; Sand can also be poured to fill the gap between gravel; Even water can be poured into glass bottles……

It can be seen that time is squeezed out, and human potential is also excavated, so life needs addition. As long as you work hard, don’t be complacent, don’t feel inferior, set yourself a higher goal, jump up and you can finish it. Belief, knowledge, skills and career are all big stones in life. When you are young and strong, you can put them into your own bottle early and then enjoy them leisurely. If this order was reversed, it would be too late to install a big stone, and the only thing to do was “the eldest man is sad.

But if you think about it carefully, you just try your best to “add” all your life. With money, you need beauty; With luxury houses, you also need famous cars; With status, you need reputation; I am afraid that my things are less than others, and I am endless, how can I not feel tired? As a result, life disorders and mental breakdown may occur. Not happiness.

Having read an essay “The basket of life”, I was very inspired: a man with a heavy life goes to see a wise man, and the wise man puts a basket on his shoulder, he was asked to pick up a stone and put it in to see how he felt. When the man reached the finish line, he was too tired to get down. The Wise said, this is why you feel life is heavy.

When we come to this world, everyone carries an empty basket, and the whole life of a person is the process of constantly putting things into his basket. If you have it, you will want more, insatiable greed and endless desire. It is very sad to just add. The wise choice is to do “subtraction” life.

Staying away from fame and wealth, ignoring success or failure, and being content with indifference is subtraction. Lao Tzu said, “What a disaster is more than dissatisfaction, and what a blame is more than desire.” Contentment, temperance, gratitude, cherishing blessings and avoiding disasters mean that life needs subtraction.

Zhang Liang had gone through all kinds of hardships to help Liu Bang take over the world and made great contributions to the world, but he resolutely resigned and didn’t do it. He went back to the forest and enjoyed the indifferent pleasure of life, so that he could spend his old age peacefully. And Han Xin also had a great success in the battle, but he had a high expectation of life. He fought hard in officialdom and finally lost his life. It can be seen that subtraction can eliminate disasters.

Life is a Arithmetic Problem. One’s life is less than 30,000 days, and one day of living will reduce one day. Fame and wealth are added over time. But one day when these two curves cross, zero will appear on the display screen of life, and 0 times any number equals 0. No matter how many, I can’t take them away. This is the arithmetic formula of life. Cruel and true.

The addition of life brings us the light of wisdom, the power of character, the accumulation of wealth and the warmth of family affection, which makes life more abundant. However, the subtraction of life subtracts redundant material, luxury desire, burden of soul, disturbance of environment, and reasonably arranges the advance and retreat of life to make life healthier.

Therefore, addition is a kind of growth, while subtraction is a kind of maturity.

They are the two wheels of life and indispensable. One is the historical mission and social responsibility of Confucius and Mencius, and the other is the internal cultivation and self-improvement of Zhuangzi and Lao Zi, who “follows the nature. Only by using addition and subtraction, can the two wheels rotate together, can the journey of life be infinite.

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