More horrible than disaster

One early summer evening, a couple locked their two young sons in the house, and then went to the field to harvest the ripe wheat.

At about 10 o’clock at night, people reaping in the fields found there was fire in the village, and there were shouts everywhere: “It’s on fire! Go fire!” Except the couple, all the villagers ran to the village. However, it was exactly their family that caught fire: The 4-year-old brother wanted to pee, while the 5-year-old brother lit a candle following his mother’s appearance, and the candle lit the mosquito net.

More than a dozen villagers knocked open the locked door with a wooden stake in their arms. Inside: 4-year-old brother lying on the bed, covered with fire! The 5-year-old brother hid behind the door and looked at his brother with a pair of frightened eyes. A villager held the child out of bed and took off the clothes of the child regardless of everything. During the process of taking off, the skin of the child fell off a large area-already cooked!

When the couple got the news and hurried home, the whole body of the child had turned black. The couple regretted that if they went back to the village like other villagers, the children would not be hurt so badly. After all, every second is crucial during the more than ten minutes of the fire spreading. However, they missed this important ten minutes because they thought it was someone else’s housework. Fortunately, the eldest son is safe and sound.

These are not the only things missed.

After being sent to the hospital, the doctor said, now give the child a plastic surgery. Because the child is small, when the child grows up, only slight marks will be left. But when the father heard that he needed 3000 yuan, he paused for a while, looked at the 5-year-old child subconsciously and said to his wife, “it’s better to wait until you grow up!” Wife agreed. They wanted to build a new house, and the money was very tight-they gave up.

At the age of 10, the child had an operation because of poor drainage at the throat; At the age of 13, the child had an operation because of the influence of lip eversion. After each operation, children have to stay in the room for a long time.

Now, the child is 18 years old, and he is in senior two in a key middle school in the city, but it is difficult for him to get close to the people around him, because, his eyes were deformed, while the elder brother who was not injured in the fire grew into a tall handsome guy. Villagers all said that the second child was more beautiful than the eldest one.

During the Spring Festival, the second child came home from school.

The elder brother who worked in other places brought back his beautiful girlfriend, which made the old couple happy. When the family was busy preparing lunch, the parents said to the second child, “go and play. There is no business for you at home.” Hearing this, the second child asked unconvinced, “I’m not having dinner?” “Eat? How can others eat it when you are on the table? Go to your second uncle’s house to eat, I told him.” This child who always felt inferior didn’t expect that he would suffer such embarrassment in his own home; He didn’t expect that he would also feel indifferent in his own home, and this indifference hurt him even more! Can it be said that they don’t remember that their present is all due to their selfishness? He was sad, thinking about it, hurt his heart to death.

In the campus, although he closed his heart, his teachers and students all said that he was a good student, positive and positive, and his grades were always among the best. He had always been hopeful, but now he was gone. In this world, no one could truly accept him-including his father.

In that cold winter, the child who had lived in pain for 15 years chose to leave. He left, on that winter night. He left a note to his parents: I can survive the discrimination of others, but I can’t stand the indifference from you

The most terrible thing in the world is not disaster, but indifference after disaster!
(Text/Li Yu)

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