Women’s and customer

1. Beautiful women can’t be controlled by men, while beautiful goods can’t be controlled by women; Therefore, some men make goods, and the other men sell orders for goods.

2. Smart men praise women face to face, smart merchants praise customers face to face; While secretly men curse women, merchants curse customers.

3. Men will feel indifferent to the women they have received, and women will feel worthless to the love they have received; Merchants will feel indifferent to the customers they have received, and customers will feel worthless to the goods they have received.

4. In fact, women care about men, and customers also care about merchants, your concern and your sadness.

5. The characteristic of modern marriage is that men are responsible for doing housework while women are responsible for letting men have housework to do; The characteristic of modern merchants is that merchants are responsible for doing business while customers are responsible for doing business.

6. This is the first article of a man’s husband code. A wife is always right. The second article, when a wife is wrong, please follow the first article; this is the first article of the merchant’s customer service code. Customers are always right. The second article, when customers are wrong, please refer to the first article.

7. Women are choosing men among men, while customers are choosing famous brands among famous brands.

8. Love a person may need many reasons, hate a person only needs one reason; Choose a brand needs many reasons, and give up a brand only needs one reason.

9. Women who dress up are not to please men, but to be flattered by men; Customers who go shopping are not to please merchants, but to be flattered by merchants.

10. You can talk about everything with the woman you love except money; You can also be loyal to each other with your customers except profits.

11. Men appreciate women’s arms, while women appreciate the wallet on men’s arms.

12. The faces of married men change a lot, and the after-sales service of the mall changes a lot.

13. Men provide women with the oath of love, while merchants provide customers with quality assurance. Maybe it’s all fake.

14. Merchants always want the way customers pay, men always want the way women take off their clothes, so customers pay, women pay for sex.

15. The goal of some men is always the next woman, and the goal of all merchants is the next customer.

16. A woman who does not believe in the oath of eternal love must have an unfortunate love experience; A woman who does not believe in the quality of goods must have an unfortunate shopping experience.

17. The humble man finally got married. He was happy, but she wouldn’t be happy; The goods with reduced prices were finally bought out. The seller was very happy, but the customers were not happy.

18. At home, women will scold their most capable husbands as fake products; Outside, women will praise their most timid husbands as famous brand products. This is the same as the fate of commodities. Brand-name products are picky by customers like fake products, and fake products are flaunted by customers like brand-name products.

19. The fate of men is in the hands of women, and the fate of commodities is in the hands of customers.

20. Don’t try to make customers admit their mistakes, just like Don’t try to make women admit their mistakes.

21. Customers to merchants are like women to men. They care about your love words and your lies.

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