In a woman’s life man

Women will meet many men in their life, but few of them care about you or you care about.

In a woman’s life, several men she met all love you most. They care for you wholeheartedly, just like your mother. For you, they would rather give their lives. These people, it is your father, grandfather and grandfather.

The second man a woman met was your brother. Before they got married, it was your umbrella. With this umbrella, no one dared to bully you. A woman protected by an umbrella, most happiness. However, when another woman who has no blood relationship with you gets under the umbrella, this umbrella will tend to that person, and you can only hide beside the umbrella.

The third man a woman meets is your classmate and bosom friend. This feeling is the truest and purest. No matter how far they go to the ends of the world, no matter how far their status is, no matter how much social pollution is, this kind of affection between classmates of the opposite sex will never deteriorate, and he will do everything he can to help you, as long as you speak, you should cherish it.

The fourth man that a woman meets is your lover. This man is full of sweet words. If he doesn’t see you for a day and says he can miss you three times, he will coax you to death, until you give him your whole heart.

The fifth man a woman meets is your husband. This man will no longer be as sweet-talking as in love, but he loves you, loves you and understands you, he is the one who loves you most after the first kind of man. When you are happy, he is happier than you. When you cry, he will take you into his arms, with incoherent words: “Don’t cry, don’t cry.” He is the person who accompanies you for life. In his eyes, women are always young children who need care forever. Women are everything to him. He doesn’t want everything to become a part of him. Therefore, he will cherish you as much as his life.

The sixth man a woman met was her son. This is what women get from their lives. Women love him more than themselves. This person is the most cherished, concerned and unrequited woman in her life. Women are willing to suffer for him no matter how much they eat. Women even prepare for him to give up their lives at any time.

The seventh man a woman met was the one in an extramarital affair. Maybe in order to find the stimulation after plain, or because of the unsatisfactory life, the woman opened her eyes wide open and sought in the vast crowd of people. Finally one day, this person appeared, the woman ran to him with joy, exposing herself to that man without reservation. This man would stare at him with two eyes as if appreciating things from outside the world and watch with obsession. When he had played enough and was tired of watching, he suddenly transformed himself into a cat. At this time, the woman became a mouse, so he started the game of cat and mouse. Finally, the mouse was eaten by the cat, or, it was bitten by a cat and scarred.

The eighth man a woman met was blue-looking. What kind of blue face and beauty is just an emotional game. When you are safe, he is your blue face. When you really need help, he is scared to hide without a trace. Let you call and call, no matter your liver is cracked or broken, he will not appear. When you hurt your heart, shed tears and decide to leave him, you will know that you no longer belong to you. Stupid, a woman is really stupid. She is so stupid that she holds a hollow and is still waiting. When the person who is willing to be cheated by him appears, she is afraid that she will say nothing and just walk silently holding hands, empty and blank, careful and cautious, afraid of losing again. Although seeing him, tears will pour into the corner of your eyes, you would rather cry for him than be sad for him, self-indulgence, no medicine to save.

Women, you may also meet the ninth and tenth men, but remember, don’t lose watermelon, pick a sesame, cherish those who love you, love the person you deserve. This is life, this is reality, and this is a rational woman.

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