Send yourself a smile

Whenever someone gives me a bright smile, I will be happy. Because I understand that he also gave himself a smile. Indeed, why don’t we leave a smile for ourselves in the busy life? Why not make yourself happy?

If you give yourself a smile, you will scrub your pain. In the journey of life, we must have such a manner that failure and frustration are only a memory, which will only make us more mature. A little smile with scars is another wonderful part of life.

Give yourself a smile, so don’t overdraw too much mood. We should learn to filter our mood and give our mood a holiday. The constant running makes our laughter bitter. Therefore, we should always clean the storehouse of our mind, clean out the troubles of yesterday, and give our mood more time to free up the space of our mind to store more happiness today. The body that the huge stone cannot press across will sometimes be twisted by sigh.

A person does not have a good mood, and no matter how rich he is materially, it is also a kind of “strong outside and dry inside”.

If you give yourself a smile, you will give yourself a calm look. We will appreciate but not be intoxicated when facing the blooming flowers, and we will deal with but not escape when facing the coming wind and rain. Although we can’t stop running, we will master the rhythm of our steps. Whether it is difficult or successful. If you have difficulties, give yourself a smile. We will not escape and try our best to face and seek solutions. This is a kind of beauty. If you have success, give yourself a smile and we will not be proud, it is also a kind of beauty to seek liberation in the joy of success, move forward calmly and make the steps of life more steady.

In the journey of life, we must have such a manner: failure and frustration are just a memory, just a noun, and will not increase the burden of life. Putting the flag of victory on the highland of success with scars and showing a proud smile in the smoke of gunpowder are another wonderful wind of life that can blow down the gravel, but can never blow down the lofty mountain. Sadness can make us depressed, but tomorrow’s mood will be better. Life is sometimes a kind of mood, and the quality of mood is also the quality of life.

Give yourself a smile and you will understand: once you suffer, you will have a more specific understanding of happiness; Once you fail, you will have a deeper understanding of success; Once you suffer, the feeling of success will be clearer once; The meaning of seriousness will be clearer once the mistake is made.

Give yourself a smile to make your mood feel better; Give yourself a smile to make your heart open; Give yourself a smile to make life better. Give yourself a smile and make yourself happy all the time.

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