Women who love reading are the most beautiful

Women who love reading are the most beautiful

There are some women who like books. Buying books, reading books and writing books are their durable fashion and cosmetics. Ordinary clothes, plain face up to the sky, walking among the women with flowers cluster and heavy makeup, are especially eye-catching. It is temperament, accomplishment, and the smell of books overflowing all over the body, which makes them look different. This famous saying is perfect for them, “they are full of poetry and calligraphy.

爱读书的女人最美丽Because of the woman who loves reading, she is a beautiful scenery wherever she goes. She may not look amazing, but she has an inner temperament: elegant conversation is extraordinary and refined, and elegant manners do not need to be modified, which is quiet and dignified, moving and elegant; That is sitting dignified, free and easy to walk; It is a natural mixture of simplicity and implication, soft like water, charming like wind, gorgeous like flowers……

For books, different women have different tastes, different tastes have different choices, and different choices get different effects, thus presenting a scenery line between women and books.

Some women read books to acquire knowledge and increase their talents. They pay more attention to books with strong ideological content, philosophy and depth. Books improve their life realm and enrich their life. Such a woman herself is a book, a good book which is intriguing.

Some women read books to delight their body and mind and cultivate their sentiment. They like reading poems of Tang and Song dynasties and beautiful proses at all times and in all countries. They cultivate themselves and cultivate themselves in the leisurely leisure and leisure, thus creating a indifferent and peaceful life. Such a woman is like a poem, fresh, pure and lovely.

There are also women, reading is just a kind of entertainment and recreation, or just arty. They are keen on sentimental romance stories and the lace news of movie stars, singers and celebrities. They are practical and a little tacky. Fortunately, they can read some books and understand something.

Books can affect people’s hearts, and people’s hearts and temperament are the same. If a person wants to dress himself up cute, beautiful or attractive, then go to school.

Reading is the foundation of a woman. A woman who likes reading may not have a high education background, but she must have a cultural accomplishment. Most women with cultural cultivation are knowledgeable, calm and considerate. People who often read books can be distinguished from the crowd at a glance. Especially when dealing with people, they will appear calm and decent. Some people describe that people who often read books will not talk nonsense, and their words must be based on each conclusion, which will be derived through reasonable deduction, instead of following the same words and talking nonsense.

People who often read books can think about things and know how to come up with solutions. They have relatively high IQ. They can make a clue in the disordered and chaotic world, grasp the root and key, and then propose solutions to problems. They refuse to be blind scientifically; every step they take is deliberate. These are what people who are usually lack of reading.

Women who love reading are very beautiful, while women who love reading are very beautiful. She is not a flower or a wine. She is just a cup of light tea with faint fragrance. Even if she doesn’t apply powder, she looks energetic, graceful, natural and unrestrained, graceful and delicious. So I like women who read books.

Reading enough to builds;

Reading enough to gambling;

Reading is long enough.

Its pleasure is also the most common when living alone;

Its gambling is also the most common among the eloquence;

His long talent is also the most common thing in the time of life judgment.

Reading history makes people wise,

Reading poems makes people beautiful,

Mathematics makes people thorough,

Science makes people profound,

Ethics makes people solemn,

Logical rhetoric makes people changeable.

Only by reading with an open mind can you experience the subtleties in the book and absorb the nourishment in the book. A good book will accompany you for a lifetime. The ancients said: If you read 300 Tang Poems carefully, you will sing even if you can’t write poems. There is a golden house in the book. If you learn others’ advantages, you will become a boutique; If you learn others’ shortcomings, you will become a waste, and you will have a place for success.

Women read with the years, read more, and also want to write their own books. Women write down the sweetness and bitterness of life, the spring, summer, autumn and winter of life on paper and then turn them into typeface, and others will read the books she wrote.

The books written by women are delicate and gentle, with flexible and agile thoughts. Between the lines, the unique spiritual temperament and spiritual experience of women are integrated into them. Their interpretation of the life process, the struggle against the living state and the pursuit of life value show a sense of responsibility to participate in the society. Nowadays, when women write books, not only women love reading, but also men love reading.

Women who read books spend most of their time reading books. Reading books is a life element and a way of living for her. Compared with some beautiful women outside the Golden Jade, she is a wise man who knows how to keep the inner beauty of life.

Books Make Women smart, tough and mature. It is important to make women understand the packaging appearance, but what is more important is the nourishment of the soul. Living with books will never sigh. Roman. If Roland advised women to read more books, read some good books. Knowledge is the only beauty product, and books are the fashion of women’s temperament. Books will keep women beautiful forever.

I like reading, and I also like women who love reading.

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