Beautiful and exquisite as you

Beautiful and exquisite as you

Dear, I want to tell you a lot. Sisters, when we walk on the road, we must learn to make ourselves walk delicately.


The number of clothes in your wardrobe may be very small, and the appearance may not be very beautiful, or it may not be famous brand, but it must have good texture. Jewelry can not be worn, or it has texture, or it has characteristics. Pretending can not be changed. If it is changed, it must be solemn and gentle. Remember not to mess yourself up and be beyond recognition.

Your beauty is your capital, but it is by no means used to show off. Beauty can’t be used as a meal. You must learn to stand on the society, maintain economic independence, and don’t think about relying on others, remember to love yourself and make yourself stronger so that you can be more charming.

Remember, take your wallet when you go out, remember to rush to pay the bill. Don’t take it for granted that you spend a man’s money. Only you use your own money is the most comfortable. The premise is that you must learn economic independence and self-improvement.


You can love a man very much, but remember that he is not all of you. You should keep a part of yourself and don’t be led by anyone, you are not his servant. There is no need to be obedient to men, but you must be considerate.

If you fall in love with a man, please remember to love him gently. Don’t be unreasonable and capricious all the time. In fact, a man is also very fragile, and he needs your care more often. If he is willing to act coquetry, pinch his nose and hug him, even if he is naughty, learn to treat him gently like a mother. You should know that it is because his heart is warm and he also needs to rely on. That is his greatest trust in you.


If a man loves you, his eyes will shine, and he will be refreshed because of love. If he is always depressed with you, then think about whether there is any contradiction between you, communicate well. If not, please leave him. He is just perfunctory to you reluctantly.

Remember to learn to say sorry. You can feel honored, but you must learn to admit mistakes and lower your head.

If you are still single, Please don’t sigh. You are just waiting for him to come, and he will come. You should have confidence in yourself and wait happily. Don’t feel inferior, believe in yourself, and learn to make yourself beautiful before he comes. You must not feel that everyone around you is together. Just find someone by yourself. It is really irresponsible to yourself.

If you are still single, remember not to go home too late at night. If you live alone, safety is the first. Learn to protect and defend yourself.

If you have a lot of time, the gains from studying are far greater than those you watch soap operas and go shopping, remember, everyone likes girls who work hard, don’t feel impatient, I believe that knowledge will make you very elegant.


Learn to filter, filter your thoughts, filter your circle of friends, filter your shortcomings, learn to make yourself appear in this wonderful society very clean and comfortable, learn to be calm and calm, it is more attractive than your appearance.

Even if you are very impatient, you must learn to be steady and not chaotic in many times. Don’t make yourself flustered and messy, and learn to deal with things calmly. If you have a slow temper, then you can learn to think well, do things efficiently, and change the habit of walking as usual, it is also a very troublesome thing if you don’t have anything to worry about.

Remember to keep time, keep promises and develop good habits, which will make your life deeper.

Believe in yourself, learn not to feel inferior, believe that you will create a good life for yourself, learn to rely on yourself, and build your own happiness.

Don’t touch other people’s boyfriend unless you have been hopeless to him, or he really deserves your love.

In the dark night, I know you will also be very scared. You can hold your Big Bear, pick up your beloved pillow and bury your head in it. The sense of security is also very warm. Tell yourself, everything will be fine, and it will be bright soon.

If the other side breaks up unrequitedly, we can cry loudly. Don’t try to make up again. It’s hard to break the mirror. Even if there is a record of injury that cannot be touched, unless we really drink Meng Po Tang and forget yesterday, if you go to sleep for a few days, you can make yourself decadent for a few days, but you must not make yourself moldy. I want you to spend a few days thinking and forgetting, then go into battle lightly and start again.

If you fall in love with a man, then you don’t have to be very passive, waiting for him to come to you, the opportunity is to grasp, this sentence is different can be used in love, if you miss it, there will be no more.

You should learn to understand him. If you love him, you should believe that he is the best. Support him, stay with him at ease, and stay with him. You should learn to make yourself satisfied and at ease. As fragile as a man, he needs the purest and only love. Although he seldom says love, do you have a careful understanding of what he has done?

If you listen to his opinions more often, you must think that you are right. In fact, his opinions are often real and realistic, but they are often the best shortcut.


Remember to keep a good sleep. A woman with smooth skin is the most beautiful one. When you are eating a lot of snacks, check whether your waist is still slim, remember that a good figure has a lot to do with the frugality of your mouth.

Don’t think that good cosmetics are famous brand or expensive. Remember that what suits you is the best.

You can follow the fashion, but you should learn to maintain your proper manner, not to be 30 years old, but to go to non-mainstream, which is a very ridiculous thing.

Learn to smile lightly at any time; Anger will make you ugly. When others offend you, remember to use your wisdom to fight back against him. Don’t curse others, even if you are angry, you should also learn to be beautiful, but don’t be polite to despicable people. Don’t use dirty words.

You can complain, but remember not too much, and digest the rest emotions by yourself. I don’t want to see you become sad like Sister Xianglin.

Remember to learn responsibility, whether it is work or emotion, remember, your responsibility is also very important.

You can be stupid, but remember that kindness is a beautiful quality. If you are a kind girl, please keep it, because you are kind, it is almost extinct in this society. But you must learn to identify right and wrong, and don’t let yourself be bullied.

Remember not to spend money on those meaningless things. Making your savings sufficient is the cornerstone of your success. Work hard, be reliable, love your work, and do the work you like, just like you run your life, you will be wonderful.

Don’t get married too late, reach a certain age, remember to keep yourself quiet in a place, you can drift, but remember that loneliness will make your life like withered yellow land, always have a home.

Remember to call your mother often to Greet Dad. They love you most and they will always be your strongest backing.

If you like making friends, you should also learn to filter. Not all friends can make friends. Learn to make your life not so chaotic and learn to love yourself.

Learn to be very good, even if you are very strong and stubborn most of the time. Learn not to say hurtful words every time, learn to let your mouth filter words, because people know you more often through your mouth, learn to make your mouth smart and gentle. Believe that you are also the most lovable.

You can be vain, but remember that your vanity should learn to satisfy yourself. If a man treats you deliberately, then if he really likes you and pursues you, you also like him very much, learn to accept it skillfully. If that is a wicked man, please tell yourself that there is no free breakfast in the world and learn to refuse skillfully.

If your ex-boyfriend comes back to you again, you need to figure out what he wants to do. If he just wants to make up for his guilt, then you can let his QQ only be saved in your Stranger’s friends. Don’t look at his everything with your heart, just eyes. What he said, you just need to listen. Don’t take it to heart. If he really loves you, how can he not give you happiness, unless it was you who was wrong at that time. If he wanted you to be his lover, please tell him, sorry, I won’t play this game. Then I closed my eyes, opened my eyes and told myself that I was reborn finally.

You must be crying again, so cry, don’t let yourself be as long as the rain, don’t expect others to pity you, learn to stand up, smile, remove a light makeup, go out for a walk, have a big meal, and sleep happily at night.

Temperament can be cultivated, so can you. From now on, you can also be elegant as deer. When you see a beautiful woman that even you are very interested in, remember not to look at her, raise your head, pass by lightly, and learn to sublimate your realm.

It is necessary to learn philosophy, which will make you understand many truths of life, and you will find it interesting to study philosophy.

Believe that you are the best, the happiest, beautiful and exquisite as you……

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