Dripping of Grace

Special passenger

Master Zhu handed in the car at 5: 30, looked at the 05:15 of the watch, and then put up the sign of “stop carrying passengers. It was on the weekend that a large number of boarders poured out at the gate of No. 40 middle school. Master Zhu couldn’t help stopping the car habitually, staring at the students coming and going. They all wore plain school uniforms with a particularly bright smile on their faces.
“Master, I, I want to take your car.” A lame girl came over with a schoolbag, looked around and said hurriedly.
Master Zhu said it was time to hand in the car. He just stopped for a rest. The girl lowered her head. After a few seconds, she said earnestly, “Thank you, master. I only take one stop, just one stop.”
The “thank you” moved master Zhu’s heart. He looked at the white school uniform on the girl’s body, an old school bag, and couldn’t help sighing, saying, “get in the car.”
The girl got on the bus happily. When she reached the corner, she suddenly said hesitantly, “Master, I only have three yuan. Therefore, half a station is OK.”
Master Zhu saw the girl’s red face from the rearview mirror and didn’t say anything. The starting price of taxis in this city is five yuan.
Driving to the nearest bus stop, master Zhu stopped the car. The girl said happily when closing the door, “Thank you very much, master!”
Master Zhu suddenly felt sad when he saw her limping forward.
That is, since that weekend, master Zhu has seen girls waiting at the school gate every weekend. Several taxis passed by, but the girl didn’t even look at them, just waited with her feet crossed. The girl is waiting for herself? Master Zhu guessed that his heart was suddenly warm. He drove the car over, and the girl waved to him far away. Master Zhu was surprised. His red Sonana was no different from others’. How could a girl recognize it at a glance?
It’s still three yuan, and it’s still a stop. Master Zhu did not ask her why she specially waited for her car, nor why she only took one stop. The girl had her own little secret in her heart, which was very clear to master Zhu.

Last Ride

Once, twice, three times, gradually, master Zhu formed the habit. The last person to pull before handing in the car on weekends must be a lame girl of forty. He put up the sign “stop carrying passengers” and waited at the school gate attentively. The girl was only fourteen or fifteen years old. Seeing him, she jumped over like a deer and said “goodbye” to her classmates loudly “. But on the five-minute road, the girl got off, and the last sentence was always: “Thank you, master.”
It seemed that master Zhu would drive here no matter how far he ran on weekends. Sometimes even if he was fined for delivering the car by mistake, he must give the girl a ride.
Time passed quickly, and this situation lasted for a year, and suddenly it came to the summer of the next year. Seeing the girl getting on the bus with a heavy schoolbag, master Zhu suddenly felt lost. He knew that the girl was going to graduate from junior high school. Where will she go to high school?
“Master, thank you. This may be the last time I took your car, causing you trouble. I was admitted to Xinji No. 1 Middle School, and I may return home only once in half a year.” Girl said. Master Zhu glanced at the girl from the rearview mirror, feeling very uncomfortable. The girl was really excellent. Xinji No. 1 Middle School was the key point of the province. If she was admitted to the university, she would enter the university with half foot.
“Then I will take you home.” Zhu Shifu said.
The girl shook her head and said she only had three yuan.
“No money will be collected this time.” Master Zhu said and looked at the watch. He would definitely miss the delivery time when he sent the girl home. But what does it matter if he fined some money? He wanted to stay with the girl for a longer time and a longer time. The girl said out the address, which was far away and there were still seven stops.
Half an hour later, master Zhu stopped the car. The girl came down with her schoolbag. Master Zhu took out a box from the car and said, “This is a gift for you.”
The girl was surprised and took the gift, then bowed to master Zhu and said, “Thank you, master.”
Seeing the girl limping into the building, master Zhu sighed. Girl, I will never see it again? He didn’t even know her name.

Looking for good people ten years ago

Ten years passed quickly.
Master Zhu is still driving a taxi. On that day, there was not much work. He was cleaning the car, but heard a “notice for missing people” broadcast on the traffic music station, looking for the driver whose license plate was Ji Azxxxx in Shengli taxi company ten years ago. Hearing this, master Zhu was shocked. Someone was looking for him? Ten years ago, what he drove was that car.
The phone was called to the radio station, and the host gave him a phone number in surprise. Master Zhu was confused. Who would it be? He was busy making a living every day, and he hardly knew any other women except his wife.
Calling the phone, master Zhu heard the voice of a young girl. She asked pleasantly: is that you? Master!
Master Zhu stunned for a moment, this voice, this speed, so familiar! But he couldn’t remember who it was at once.
“Thank you, master!” Girl and said.
Master Zhu patted his forehead and finally remembered that it was the lame girl he had carried. Is she! Master Zhu’s eyes suddenly blurred. For ten years, that girl still remembered him!
They met each other in a coffee shop. When they saw the girl again, master Zhu could hardly recognize him. The graceful girl in front of him was the girl who took the bus with only three yuan ten years ago? The girl stood up, bowed deeply to master Zhu and said, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Master.”
Drinking coffee, the girl talked about the past. Twelve years ago, her father was also a taxi driver. My father loved her very much. Every weekend, no matter how busy he was, he would drive her home. When the Spring Festival came, the family went back to their hometown for the Spring Festival. In order to carry more things, father borrowed a friend’s van. Halfway, it suddenly snowed heavily and accidentally collided with a big truck. The van was hit beyond recognition, and my father died on the spot. It was that time that the girl’s foot was seriously injured.
She buried her father, and her mother worked day and night to compensate for her friend’s car and her operating expenses. However, she tried her best to study after recovering from injury, hoping to grow up faster. She was very strong and could bear everything, but she could not bear the mercy of others alone.
Therefore, she didn’t tell anyone about the accident on the road. When I came home from school, I was asked by my classmates why I take the bus now? She lied that her father had gone abroad. The lie lasted for more than half a year until one day I met Master Zhu. She saw the taxi parked on the roadside, motionless, just like her father drove over, waiting at the school gate.
She only had three yuan to take a bus, but she took out all of them to take a taxi, only took one stop, and then spent one and a half hours walking home. Although the road was far away, she walked calmly, because no one guessed that she had lost her father any more.
“You must not know that your taxi is the one my father drove before his death. The license plate number has been printed in my mind.”
The girl said with tears in her eyes, “So, far away, I can recognize it with only one glance.”
Master Zhu’s nose was so sour that he almost shed tears.
“I always wear this medal beside me. I don’t know if I would have come to today without it. Besides, I have always saved the fare you refunded me. With this money, I feel that I can overcome any difficulties. Although I lost my father, I still have a father’s love.” As she said, the girl took out a medal from her pocket and hung it on her body. It was a gold medal whose edge had been blackened. On the back of the medal, there was a line of small words: wish your life is also like this gold medal.
This gold medal was a gift that master Zhu gave to the girl ten years ago.

Drips of Tu he yan reported

The girl took master Zhu’s arm and walked out of the cafe. Seeing the girl driving far away, master Zhu parked the car on the roadside, letting tears flow enough. The lame girl, the girl who he knew only now was Lin Meixia, and her daughter who died of cancer ten years ago, were printed in the same mold! Every weekend before her daughter died, master Zhu went to pick her up in No. 40 middle school. How much sweetness and happiness did his daughter feel when she said “thank you dad” before getting on the bus and “thank you, dad” when getting off the bus?
That medal was his daughter’s gold medal in the Olympic competition, which was once all his pride and hope. But his daughter left suddenly, which almost caught him off guard. On weekends, when he passed by No. 40 middle school, he couldn’t help stopping the car. It seemed that his daughter could still walk out of the school gate, get on the car and shout: Thank you, Dad.
During the time when the girl took his car, he felt that his daughter came back to him again. There was still hope in his life, and he found happiness again! However, the duration of this situation is too short, too short……
On the way home, master Zhu bought a newspaper by the way. As soon as the newspaper was opened, master Zhu saw the photo of the lame girl.
She smiled at Master Zhu, and the striking headline was: Lin meixia — the youngest vice president of multinational corporation, the pride of S city…… Master Zhu opened his mouth in surprise and read it ten lines at a glance. While reading newspapers, he used to take cigarettes out of his pocket.
Suddenly, his hand touched an envelope. Take it out and see that there is a thick stack of dollars inside. Master Zhu was shocked. He couldn’t figure out when Lin meixia put the money into his coat pocket? The moment she rolled up her arm?
In the middle of the US dollar, there is also a note: Master, this is the interest of love, please be sure to accept it. The principal is priceless and will always exist in my heart. Thank you, master!
Master Zhu’s eyes became blurred again.
(Text/Mao hanzhen)

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