Need someone

I forgot to take a dry towel when taking a bath in the bathroom. As before, I would say loudly to my wife, “Hey, help me get a dry towel.” Now, my wife is not at home, and I am the only one in the house. I come out from the bathroom to the bedroom in wet pants to turn over dry towels.

There is a movie that has forgotten its title. A child was taking a bath in the bathroom when water poured on his face suddenly. He couldn’t open his eyes. He held the wall and shouted, “Mom, towel.”

Then, the boy stayed there. He cried silently.

His mother just passed away not long ago. In the past, he used to call his mother like this.

We need someone who is very intimate and can hand you towels and clothes in the bathroom. You were a parent when you were young and your lover when you grew up.

Having such a person around is the happiest, but not everyone can realize it.

Once I went to the provincial capital by bus, the ticket seller was a thin girl, and her face looked very tired.

After the ticket was sold out, she sat listlessly on the chair. Suddenly she took out her cell phone and dialed a phone. When she was talking, the girl was extremely wronged: “Are you coming to see me? Now it’s a little more, I didn’t even have lunch.”

The girl’s voice is very loud, and she is crying.

I wonder who the girl is talking to. Are they parents? Are friends? After driving for more than ten minutes, a boy waved in front. The girl stood up and said to the driver, “stop, let him get on the bus.”

A boy was breathless. He walked up to the girl and said softly, “What’s the matter? It’s so hot.”

The girl gave him a white look and said nothing.

They obviously had some scruples when speaking, and their voices were low. When approaching the provincial city, I heard the girl giggling.

We need someone who is on call when we are exhausted, letting ourselves vent our emotions without getting angry.

There are not many people like this. You can only meet one person in your whole life, or you will never meet him.

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