Real man

Man, from the day he was born, was doomed to have a hard journey in his life. Because what he has to bear is the name “man” which is as heavy as a kilo. In any case, this flag must never fall down. The man carried his own flag and marched forward proudly.

Only by striving can we achieve men. As a man, he bears the commitment and responsibility to life all his life.

Men must be upright. Do it right, do it straight, do not damage personnel, do not lose heart. You must be open-minded and open-minded, regardless of personal grievances, regardless of gains and losses, and be able to tolerate things that are difficult for the world. We must work hard and don’t care about gossip. I will go my way, I will sing and cry, meet mountains and mountains, meet tigers and fight tigers. Because we can’t find any reason to share with others, we bear the boredom, grievance and pain alone. This is a man.

Men’s happiness is mostly based on realizing their own happiness, even hypocritical happiness. Most of the time, because there is no reason to share it with others, happiness will die quietly, therefore, men’s burdens tend to be heavier and heavier. The loneliness of a man is lonely in the world. When you want to cry, you will endure to bury your tears because of your strength; When you want to regret, you will die because of your strength; Therefore, the more powerful a man can bear, the more powerful he will be. The strength of a man is the strength of the world.

Man, smile can be shared with others, bitter yourself to taste.

A real man also has a gentle side. He will care for his wife, be filial to his parents, care for his children, be sincere to his friends, be friendly to strangers, be enthusiastic about public welfare, and occasionally watch stars at night, when you think about the moon, you will also be interested in flowers, birds, insects and fish. You will also read books and see the dawn, and you will also make some humor from time to time.

A real man will never have a straight face or a smile. Because he doesn’t need any disguise, he is shining as a man.

Life’s biggest sorrow is not poverty, is not humble, but worth and sense of direction, how can’t find reason and even 1.1 drops shred things proud, a man, if he lost his proud capital, he would get down.

Men sometimes clench their fists and say to themselves, “you are good, and you will certainly succeed.” If you are a man, you must stand up and never die. Real men will never be frightened in the face of any difficulties, will never worship any hero, and will never tremble in front of any master.

Men don’t all want to be heroes. They just want to see something from the shadow of heroes to comfort their empty hearts.

A good man does not try his best to prevent women from being hurt a little bit, but regards his love for women as lofty as his belief, which is something he should do with his life. It is through women’s affirmation, recognition, appreciation, love and love that men gain greater motivation and vitality, and then achieve everything. An excellent man will make women feel equality, freedom, happiness, stability and trust. The most rare thing for a person is the quality and character throughout his life, which will never fade. You are a hero at the age of eighteen, and a hero at the age of eighty, that is the real man.

Men, the most important thing is cowardice and inferiority. The lowest comment for a man is: “Without masculinity, the more I look at it, the more I look like an old lady.” A man should raise a confident sail. You should be confident in everything you do. You won’t get carried away when you succeed, and you will never be decadent when you fail. A man who thinks he can’t do anything is the most useless man, even he is not a man.

You may not have the world in mind, but at least you must be tolerant, take weight seriously and walk on the road; You may not have the ambition, but at least you must have a kind of faith, be frank and walk on the right path.

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