More important than success


In my opinion, the so-called success refers to doing the things you really like well. The premise is to have your own real hobbies, that is, your true temperament, this is just a business experience in Vanity Fair.


Success is not the highest standard to measure the value of life. What is more important than success is that one should have inner richness, own true temperament and interest, and have what he really likes to do. As long as you have something you really like to do, you will feel full and steadfast under any circumstances. Those who only pursue external success actually don’t have what they really like to do. What they really like is fame and wealth. Once they are frustrated in the Vanity Fair, the inner emptiness will be exposed. According to my understanding, doing what I really like to do well, trying to be perfect and making myself satisfied is the true meaning of success, such happiness is the pure joy of success that is not mixed with utilitarian considerations.


The most basic division is not success and failure, but taking great success and great failure as one side and small success and small failure as the other side.

In God’s eyes, great failure is also success, and small success is also failure.


Some tiny people got false success, and their success was soon forgotten by history. Some great people have achieved real success, and their success is remembered by history forever. However, I know that there are still many excellent people who are completely indifferent to success and do not have success in the end. For these people, history neither remembers them nor forgets them. They are beyond history.


For me, life is career. I have no career except life. My career is to exhaust all the possibilities of life. This is a career with no hope but great allure.


My ambition is to prove that a person without ambition can also achieve the so-called success.

However, I must admit immediately that this was just a witty word that I thought of impromptu. In fact, I didn’t even have such ambition.

7-piece set

The greatest convenience brought by my “success” (recognized by the society, the so-called reputation) is that I can be relatively detached from the small environment I belong to and the trivial matters of ordinary people, there is no need to fight for many reasonable but trivial rights. People are willing or unwilling to give you those things because of your “success”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t give them.


There is a kind of people who pursue success just for the purpose of despising success condescending.


Success is a social concept, and a person who directly faces god and himself will not value it too much.
(Text/Zhou Guoping)

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