Find an orange for kindness

A murderer fled for a whole year. When he came to the town, he was already in rags. The starving fugitive didn’t want to leave in front of a fruit stall for a long time, and the oranges on the stall deeply seduced him. But he had used up all his money, and he didn’t know what to do: begging or robbing? The escaped prisoner slowly reached his hand to the sharp knife he carried.

At this moment, a big orange suddenly appeared in front of the restless fugitive. The escaped prisoner felt a little surprised, and the hand holding the knife involuntarily loosened. It turned out that the stall owner had noticed the fugitive for a long time, guessing that he wanted to eat oranges without money, so he took one and handed it to him: eat it, no money. The escaped prisoner hesitated for a moment, took the orange, ate it heavily, and then left without saying anything.

Three days later, the escaped prisoner came to the fruit stand again. Before he spoke this time, the stall owner picked up a few oranges and stuffed them to him. The same as last time, the escaped prisoner ate oranges and left hurriedly. When the stall owner was ready to go home in the evening, he found a newspaper which was forgotten by some customers beside the fruit. He was shocked immediately after reading it. Original above large space with features warrant, offering a reward of 30,000 yuan to provide clues,; And was fugitives photo resembles him out orange man. Reason finally defeated pity, and the stall owner called the police station.

The police ambushed around the stall for several days. Three days later, the escaped prisoner appeared again. This time he dressed up exactly as described in the photo. However, he seemed to be aware of something and did not enter the encirclement of the police. The hearts of the stall owner and the police raised their throats, watching nervously every move of the escaped prisoner. Because people came and went in the street, once the fugitive found the existence of the police, he would soon disappear in the vast sea of people. Moreover, he may have a knife on his body, and he can take hostages at any time, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Finally, the fugitive who had stood for a long time took action. But surprisingly, he slowly took out his sharp knife and threw it on the ground, then raised his hands calmly. The police swarmed on and subdued the escaped prisoner without any effort. The escaped prisoner who was handcuffed suddenly said, “please wait a minute, let me have a word with the boss of the fruit stall. Under the threat of the police, the escaped prisoner came to the stall owner in shock and whispered: I put that newspaper there, and then walked onto the police car with a satisfied smile. The stall owner looked up the newspaper carefully at once, and found that there were a few lines of small words on the opposite side: I am tired of the exile life of hiding in Tibet. Thank you for your oranges, when I hesitated to choose how to end my life, it was your kindness that touched me. The reward of 30,000 yuan for reporting is my reward.

Everyone is kind, not because there are no evil thoughts, but because many kind wishes are sealed in the bottom of the heart and are unknown. It may be complicated to prevent the formation of evil thoughts, but the reason for finding a person’s kindness to remove the dust is often very simple. It is just to help a person when he needs it, even if it is an orange, a mouthful of water, A look……

This is a true story. It happened in a small town in northern China on March 23th, 2006.
(Text/Zhang Shipu)

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