Let the heart a little rest

Let the heart a little rest

让心灵小憩一下It is a kind of mood for people to live! The world was originally very simple, but we made it complicated. The reason why people suffer is that you don’t live in the way you like. Most people live according to the requirements of others, change deliberately and go against their inner thoughts, so they feel painful.
There are a lot of helplessness in life. If nothing can be changed, it is better to cherish ourselves and let our hearts have a rest when we have free space.

Let your wind chimes shake,
Make your life smart,
Is love;

On that windy afternoon,
Silently listening to the sound of wind chimes;
In that afternoon when wind chimes rang,
Silently missing the person in my heart;

Let yourself and wind chimes become one,
Let heart and love flow with the wind.

In this world, there are many things that we cannot predict. We can’t control opportunities, but we can control ourselves; We can’t predict the future, but we can grasp the present; We can’t know how long our life is, but we can arrange the current life; we can’t control the changeable weather, but we can adjust our mood. So we should give ourselves hope one day.
Hope, a seemingly plain word, contains various connotations. Try to give yourself a hope every day, create, explore and develop by your own efforts and attempts, and then you will make progress and succeed, your life will become beautiful and meaningful because of this.
To give yourself a hope every day is to give yourself a goal and a little confidence.
Give yourself a hope every day, and we will have a colorful life.

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