Heart depreciation

This is 5 years ago. At that time, my eldest brother was just laid off and rented a tin hut at a crossroad in the county, selling some cigarettes and alcohol.

One evening, a middle-aged man walked to the front of his eldest brother’s Iron House. The man put down the heavy woven bag in his hand, groped out fifty cents from his pocket and bought a pack of inferior cigarettes. The man took out a cigarette, lit it, and then exchanged greetings with his eldest brother. From the conversation, my eldest brother learned that the man is from our county and has just returned from a job outside the country. The man said that his home was more than twenty miles away from the county. The man hesitated to ask whether he could borrow a bicycle from his eldest brother, because he has been in the car all night and all day. Seeing that the night had fallen, the eldest brother looked at this strange migrant worker in front of him, and finally pushed out his oriental red bicycle which “rang everywhere except the Bell. The eldest brother at that time really had one more mind. He had just bought a new bicycle, but his eldest brother didn’t dare to trust others easily.

The man was very grateful and said he would return the car tomorrow morning at the latest. Perhaps because of his haste, the man hurried away without leaving his name and village.

In the evening, when my sister-in-law heard that my eldest brother lent the bike to a stranger, she had a quarrel with my eldest brother. She said that my eldest brother was a Elm knot and she was not enlightened, this time, I must have been cheated. If you don’t believe it, wait and see.

The next morning, the eldest brother waited anxiously in front of the Tin House. How he wished that man to appear earlier. However, time 1 minute 1 second passed by, and there were people coming and going on the street, but there was no figure of that man. The sister-in-law kept knocking and beating on the side, cynicism. The eldest brother became fidgety from silence and anger from fidgety. At 12 noon, the man still didn’t come. The eldest brother was finally desperate and let his sister-in-law scold him to death.

At about 12:30 noon, the man suddenly appeared in front of his eldest brother on his bike. The man wiped the sweat on his face and said repeatedly, “Sorry, sorry, I am late.” The eldest brother was surprised at first, but then came a nameless fire rising from the bottom of his heart. The eldest brother said harshly, “I’m sorry! You delayed me!” The man stood aside awkwardly and was at a loss. Suddenly, the eldest brother suddenly said, “Well, I can’t lend you the bike for nothing. You have to pay for it, even the ‘depreciation expensive’ of the car.” The eldest brother was very proud of his intelligence. He knew that his trick would certainly win the praise of his wife. As expected, the sister-in-law who had been standing beside him immediately smiled with relief. However, the man was obviously confused by the sudden change. He said hesitantly, “OK…… You said…… How much?” The eldest brother said, “Take 20 yuan.” The man didn’t say anything. He took out two 10-yuan notes from his pocket and handed them to his eldest brother. Then, the man said again, “Thank you, I’m leaving.” After saying that, the man integrated into the crowd without looking back.

Seeing that the man had gone far away, the eldest brother turned around and threw the 20 yuan to his sister-in-law. Then, my eldest brother was going to push the car inside. Suddenly, my eldest brother was shocked! Because he saw a brand-new car Bell, and made a crisp sound with his hand. My eldest brother looked carefully again and found that the car was indeed his own red, but what changed was not only the bell, but also two brand-new footpads, just oiled the chain and wiped a new car tile.

My eldest brother suddenly understood. He grabbed 20 yuan from his sister-in-law and rushed to the street. However, there is no way to find the figure of that man.

Now, my eldest brother has set up an enterprise by himself, which is booming. My eldest brother told me many times that the 20 yuan was the depreciation expense of his whole life. At the gate of my eldest brother’s factory, I saw four big words: honesty first.

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