Knowing tears makes you understand life

Knowing tears makes you understand life

懂得了泪就懂得了人生Life always begins in one’s own crying and ends in others’ tears. Medically, tears have the function of cleaning eyeballs, which is a kind of stress reflection to external stimulation. From the time of the fetus, there has been basic tears. Therefore, tears have branded life. Until the end of life, there may be tears remembering your gone soul.

Human beings are emotional animals with seven emotions and six desires. They can’t be suppressed in the bottom of the heart for a long time and appear outside. They are nothing more than expressions, languages, actions, etc. Whether they are happy or sad, they cry and smile, tears just accumulate in the eyes and flow like water. One drop after another is the world of emotion. There are truths and falsehoods in this world, calls and traps……

Tears are not only related to sadness and grief, but also related to joy. People laugh back to anger and cry with joy. It is difficult for people to find the best way to express their emotions for a while before great surprise or happiness, and tears often come out first. There were tears in the smile, and the temperament was Frank. However, many emotions afterwards were difficult to express for a while, and all of them were condensed in the liquid flowing out of the eyes.

Tears seem to be destined with women, and they are fond of Bright Eyes. If there is fog, it will be the beauty and temptation of the pool, which will make people’s souls and romantic. Tears were shining, and the delicate Dai Yu almost caught the hearts of countless men. It was conceivable why they all expected “sister Lin to fall from the sky. With tears, men tend to be affectionate to cherish the jade, and women also tend to follow the boat, and tears become a lubricant of harmonious love. But women can’t use it too much, because facing women’s tears, men are always in panic and at a loss. They either ignore it or run away. Women, please remember that many times, smile and tears are equally important.

Men don’t flick tears, so men are used to hiding tears in their hearts and letting them flow in their blood, which is the influence of cultural tradition. There will always be a day when the strength disguised as collapse. When a man really wants to cry, he must be careful, but the real sea breaching is out of control. But most men would choose to cry sadly in front of nobody’s corner or the closest woman. Most of the time, he hid his tears with a smile, because he believes that “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.

Dare to laugh, dare to cry, is a true lover. My heart is true, so is my tears.

With a touching heart, we moisten the truth, goodness and beauty in the world with tears; With a pitiful heart, we pay tribute to pain and sadness with tears; With a sincere heart, we use tears to warm the painful soul.

Life always moves forward in tears. You can taste all kinds of sweet and sour tears. Maybe, if you understand tears, you will understand life.

Recommenders’ comments: tears are the most sensitive thing for people, so we should respect them. People are too happy, jealous, angry and sad, which are easy to cry. It is the product of people’s happiness of “anger” sadness. Moving tears show people’s truth, goodness and beauty, which can dilute pain and sadness. The article describes “tears” deeply, which is worth seeing.

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