Happiness Is a Flower of Life

Happiness Is a Flower of Life

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a painter and starting to paint whenever I had spare time. Seeing that I was so obsessed with painting, my father took me to visit an old painter. After seeing my painting, the old painter asked, “kid, why do you want to learn painting?”

“I want to be a painter.” I said.

“But not everyone who learns painting can finally become a painter.” The old painter reminded me, “kid, do you feel happy when you draw?”

“Happy.” I replied.

“Happiness is enough!”

The old painter also told me that there are two kinds of flowers in the world. One flower can bear fruit while the other flower cannot bear fruit, while the flowers that cannot bear fruit are more beautiful, such as roses and tulips, they never give up blooming their own happiness and beauty because they cannot achieve results. People are also like flowers. There is a kind of person who can achieve results and achieve a career, while there is a kind of person who cannot achieve results and has no achievements in his life. He is just an ordinary person. But as long as ordinary people have happiness in their hearts and laughter on their faces, they can still be appreciated and loved by people like roses and tulips. Before leaving, the old painter patted me on the shoulder and encouraged me to say, “Kid, be a happy person. Because happiness is the happiness of life, and happiness is the sunshine of life.”

Now, I still keep the habit of drawing, but the purpose is no longer to become a painter, but to appreciate and enjoy the happiness of life in the process of drawing. Just as the old Painter said, happiness is enough, happiness is the happiness of life, and happiness is the sunshine of life.

In spring, I saw a girl standing on the balcony, holding a wooden stick with a beautiful red silk thread tied at one end of the stick. The red silk thread floated lightly outside the window. When I asked the little girl what she was doing, she said she was fishing for butterflies. I asked, how can I catch a butterfly without a hook? The little girl said that she was not fishing for the butterfly body, but the joy of fishing for the butterfly.

The little girl’s words reminded me of a friend. He likes fishing. He goes out early every morning and comes back at dusk. Once, the fish basket he carried back was empty and there was no fish, but he still sang all the way. Others asked confusedly: “You have waited for a day, but you haven’t waited for a fish to be hooked. Why are you still so happy?” He replied, “it’s his business that fish don’t bite my hook, but I have caught a happy day!”

It turns out that for a real fisherman, the best fish is happiness.

“There is no trace of birds left in the sky, but I have already flew.” I read this poem very early. At that time, I only felt that it was beautiful, but I didn’t know where it was. Now I understand the beauty and connotation of this poem from that friend: the purpose of flying is not to leave traces, but to enjoy freedom and happiness in flying.

Similarly, life will not leave traces of our happiness, but as long as we are happy, it is enough, because for life, the best fish is happiness!

Recently, I read a document introducing Iceland: Iceland is located in the cold North Atlantic, about 13% of the land is covered by ice and snow, and it is also one of the countries with the most active volcanoes in the world, which can be called “hot water”! Winter is even a long night. There are 20 hours of dark night every day, which can be called “dark day”! However, the mortality rate of Iceland is at the end of the world, and the average life expectancy ranks first in the world.

Why are the death rate of Iceland living in such a harsh environment at the end of the world and the average life expectancy at the top of the world?

With this doubt, a poll named gallop in America conducted a sample survey on residents of 18 countries in the world, and the result showed that residents of Iceland were the happiest people in the world. Test of 270,000 Icelanders, 82% answered satisfied with their life.

It turns out that the secret of Iceland’s longevity is happiness. Happiness is the best medicine. Happiness is a flower of life. It can not only delay the aging of our physiological functions, but also let us pass through the window of happiness, in adversity, still see the beauty and sunshine of the world.

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