What is happiness

What is happiness

什么是幸福People usually say that happiness is an abstract feeling, while a scientific research institution in America that takes happiness as its research purpose draws a conclusion that happiness has nothing to do with age, gender and family background, it comes from a relaxed mood and a healthy attitude towards life. Through the study of people who live a relaxed and happy life, researchers have summarized 10 secrets to make themselves happy in life.

1. Don’t complain about life: happy people don’t have more happiness than others, but because they have different attitudes towards life and difficulties, they never ask “why”, instead, they asked “What is it for”. They would not have been entangled for a long time on the issue of “why life is so unfair to me”, but tried hard to figure out the solution to the problem.

2. Don’t covet comfort: happy people always leave the living environment that makes them feel comfortable. Sometimes happiness is the feeling accumulated after leaving the comfortable life, people who never seek change naturally lack rich life experience, so it is difficult to feel happiness.

3. Feeling friendship: making friends does not necessarily bring happiness, but only a deep friendship can make you feel happy. The sense of belonging and solidarity derived from friendship make people feel trusted and enriched, almost all happy people have the genius to unite people.

4. Hard work: focusing on an activity can stimulate the secretion of a hormone unique to human body, which can make people in a pleasant state. Researchers found that work can explore people’s potential and make people feel needed and responsible, which gives people a sense of fulfillment.

5. Reduce the negative impact: accept less negative news about disasters, murders or other things. In this way, a beautiful and optimistic attitude towards the world will be virtually maintained.

6. The ideal of life: happy people always set some goals for themselves constantly. Usually, we attach importance to short-term goals and despise long-term goals, while the realization of long-term goals can bring us more happy feelings, you can write down your goals and let yourself know clearly why you live.

7-piece set. Give yourself motivation: Usually people can have a relaxed mood only through happy and interesting things, but happy people can get motivation from fear and anger, they will not feel depressed because of difficulties.

8. Regular life: happy people never make a mess of life, at least they are clear in mind, which helps to maintain a relaxed attitude towards life. They will tidy everything up in an orderly way, the orderly and orderly life makes people feel confident, and it is easier to feel satisfied and happy.

9. Cherish time: happy people seldom feel the feeling of being led by time. In addition, concentration can also improve the body’s ability to prevent diseases, because, every 30 minutes, the brain will consciously spend 90 seconds collecting information, feeling the external environment, checking the condition of respiratory system and the activities of various organs of the body.

10. Grateful: complaining people focus all their energy on their dissatisfaction with life, while happy people focus on things that can make them happy, so, they feel more about the good side of life. Because of the gratitude to life, they feel happy.

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