The one who loves you most is the lowest

When my wife was just pregnant, she hoped that the baby in her belly could be smart and beautiful, with white skin and big eyes. It was better to have a genius mind. When her belly grew bigger, her expectations for the baby became less and less. When she finally entered the delivery room, she told me that I don’t want anything now. As long as he is healthy and healthy, I will be satisfied.

The doctor said that this was almost the pray from every mother-to-be in the delivery room. At the beginning, she thought and thought about the baby in her heart. At the end, there was only one left: baby Good Health. The heart of being a mother is so low.

On the eve of my eldest brother’s study abroad, relatives and friends all came to give him a farewell dinner. During the dinner, you must marry an American wife. That said, in the future, I will start my own company in America to earn US dollars. Mom said, you just didn’t do anything. You are still my son. As long as you come back safely, mom will be happy. In the bustling wine banquet, this sentence was very bad for the scenery. My eldest brother muttered unhappily, mom, your heart is really low!

After graduating from college, I was not willing to waste my youth in a small county with a cup of tea and a newspaper, so I decided to go to Guangzhou to seek development. Seeing that my mother was extremely worried about her, I comforted her. When I became the President, I would take you around the world. Mom was amused by me. She said, “I never thought that if you find someone who loves you and live a peaceful and beautiful life, mom will be satisfied.

In Guangzhou, I rented an old woman’s house. Her wife passed away several years ago. She lived in one room and the other one was rented. She said she would save the money to pay the down payment for her son who works in Beijing to buy a house. I said it was really hard for you, and she said with a smile, living in a small house and eating coarse tea and light rice, which was already very good, and there would be no regret if I could live with my son in the future. This is all my wish to be a mother, so simple and so little.

In the world, I am afraid that only mother’s heart is so low, not for the prosperity, but only for the Lord’s coarse tea and light rice; Poor dazzling prosperity, only hope for peace. This mother’s heart is all tied to her children. If she can, she will put the pain of the whole world into her own pocket, leaving only peace and happiness to her children. Text/miaoqing

(Sense: only those who have the lowest requirements for you, without any additional conditions, even low to not ask for everything, and only ask for your safe, healthy and happy life are those who really care about you and love you. And such a person is often the one who pays the most or cares most about you! Cherish them and they will rise a lot of warmth in the bottom of my heart!)

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