There is a kind of happiness called Forgetting

There is a kind of soup in the legend, which will forget everything after drinking. Forget all sorrow, hate, unhappiness and things in memory. Of course, that also includes forgetting love and love……

If you forget your sorrow, then there will be no sorrow. You can stretch your frowned eyebrows and worried faces. All the unfairness and unhappiness in daily life go away with forgetting, and people will become clear. It seems that the sky covered by dark clouds suddenly becomes blue.

If you forget hatred, you will be far away from hatred. When the soul is not blinded by hatred, when everything turns into passing clouds, people will relax completely, forgive others and save themselves.

Forget love, forget love, forget everything you don’t want to remember. When a person is struggling for love, when he is helpless and hesitating for a relationship, he suddenly forgets how much happiness it should be.

No one can be so free and easy, and no one can really forget! The days I once loved, hurt and hurt will never fade away. The passage of time increases the pain in my memory. Make the pain clearer, make the heart more haggard, make love become hate, love become resentment……

If you learn to forget, you will learn to forgive yourself and save yourself. Since I have loved it without regret, separation always has its helplessness. When people change from being naive and ignorant to thinking that they can see through the world of mortals and the society, that is the journey of their minds. In fact, it is not true. If you say too much in writing, you really know too little. Complaining about the heaven and the Earth, and complaining about yourself are all common to human beings. Most people are selfish.

Life is just a few decades, why do you feel so tired, why not learn to forget? Blindly pursue perfection, while in this world, there is no perfect thing at all. Perfection is a kind of defect instead, and only defective things are truly perfect. This is especially true in life. People without regrets are not happy. Therefore, the pursuit of perfection is actually the pursuit of a perfect mentality.

When people’s lives come to an end, they will experience the reincarnation of the five grains; When they pass the Naihe Bridge again, they will drink something called mengpo soup and forget the memory of their previous lives, this life will become happy. Don’t you have to forget it until then? What is happiness? Where is happiness? People are always looking for it. Happiness is actually in that glance, and happiness is actually in that forget.

There is a feeling called love; There is a feeling called hatred; There is a feeling called disgust; There is also a feeling called Hurt. Forget all the unforgettable pain, forget all the painful feelings, that will be the greatest happiness……

Love, Pain, possession, loss, this is life.

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