Happiness is alive

Happiness is alive

幸福就是好好活着Why on earth are people alive? In other words, what is the reason for people to live? This is a question that people often ask in life, so what is the reason for living? We might as well give a happy reason to live well.

A person suffering from illness often said that he could eat a lot in the previous meal, and he could not stop doing any work. For him, health is the greatest pursuit. As long as he can be given a strong body, it is also a kind of happiness to let him work all day long.

A man in jail breathes the fresh air outside the iron window greedily through the window all day long. Looking at the free flying bird, he would say, “give me freedom! I don’t want money or status. As long as I have three meals a day, I am willing to do no matter how heavy the work is.” For him, freedom is a kind of happiness.

A person suffering from terminal illness will feel that living is the happiest thing when he knows that he has been watching the sunshine outside the window and everything is warm.

A big couple, who once helped each other and went through hard times hand in hand, tore up the engagement every day. Because, they don’t understand, people all say that money is omnipotent, but why can’t it buy happiness? For them, how happy they are when they share each other’s heart, love each other, and share weal and woe together.

What is happiness? In fact, happiness is a feeling of living well and an irreplaceable reason. For example: having a healthy body, in the evening, the whole family warmly sat under the Portuguese rattan and enjoyed the fruits of labor with relish; or get a basin of warm water to wash away the tiredness and dust of the day, have a good sleep, and raise your spirits to welcome the sun tomorrow!

However, happiness is also an experience of living well. Living can experience the pleasure of life, and family affection, love and friendship can all become the content of experience; Moving, excited and impulsive can all become the process of experience; While the interweaving of sadness and joy, the coexistence of success and failure further embellishes the colorful life, making our living experience more colorful and making our happy experience more legendary. Therefore, experiencing “being alive” is just like tasting a thick book with all kinds of tastes and endless aftertaste.

Happiness is the reason for living, and living is the source of happiness. The two are inseparable. Standing in front of the big class of life, only by cherishing possession and cherishing the present can we obtain more happiness and have a richer life.

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